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Lar \Lar\ (l[aum]r), n.; pl. Lares, sometimes Lars. [L.] (Rom. Myth.) A tutelary deity; a deceased ancestor regarded as a protector of the family. The domestic Lares were the tutelar deities of a house; household gods. Hence, (Fig.): Hearth or dwelling house.

Nor will she her dear Lar forget, Victorious by his benefit.

The Lars and Lemures moan with midnight plaint.

Looking backward in vain toward their Lares and lands.


alt. (plural of lar English)Category:English plurals n. (plural of lar English)Category:English plurals

Lars (bishop)

Lars was the name of the Archbishop of Sweden 1255–1267.

Lars is a Swedish form for the Latin name Laurentius, which in English is Lawrence. This was the name Lars used as an archbishop. His birthname is unknown.

Lars was recruited from the recently established Franciscan monastery in Enköping. Since the monastery is unlikely to have had time to recruit Swedish monks, it is possible that he was foreign.

In 1255, when Lars had just recently been ordained (which he was in the primate Lund), a papal letter arrived. The Pope expressed his belief in the Swedish monarch Birger Jarl. The situation in Sweden was still shaky. There was an ongoing struggle for the throne, which later forced the antagonists to tax the clergies to support their war.

Another papal letter in 1257 expressed the Pope's support for crusades to the east, towards the Swedish parts of Finland that were either not yet Christianized, or had turned apostate. The inspiration came from the crusades to Jerusalem.

Lars was dedicated to enforcing celibacy among priests. This was a problem that had still not been solved in Sweden, despite papal efforts and threats. The usual reason given was the low population in Sweden, which made it necessary for priests to marry and have children. Even though Lars was known for trying to uphold celibacy, in 1258 he had to send a request to the Pope about not having to excommunicate those who broke the rule. We can imagine how common it was since this was necessary.

In 1258 the move of the archbishopric to its present location was decided. It would, however, not be realized for another decade. The reason was that the present location Östra Aros had grown in significance.

When Lars died in early March 1267, he was buried among his brothers at the monastery in Enköping.


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Vocational Educator Larsen, or the David Larsen who paints handmade inorganic toys and designs gastrointestinal recycling worms for export to Manichean survivalists?

Larsen was first to spy the jagged line of witchlike cones and pinnacles ahead, and his shouts sent everyone to the windows of the great cabined plane.

Larsen needed to talk with the SSBN squadron commodore at their Bangor, Washington, base beforehand.

Larsen and three of his young men Ushered Benedict out through the glass doors of the batik and across the pavement to where the Rolls stood in the reserved parking bay in Adderley Street.

To Mark Bennett, it was also as blatant a message as possible that men like himself and Ray Larsen, perhaps even Neil and Robbie, should retire.

PART THREE THE DAM CHAPTER ONE I flew into Calgary from Edmonton on the morning of August 7th to be met by Calgary Tribune placards announcing: Larsen Company's Dam Nearing Completion.

Can't you see the force of those pictures in certain quarters-scene of Patrolmen ambushed by rebel Archs-" Larsen kicked at a stone.

Free on the net, fully conversant with the security surrounding the police department's computers, the sim of her had given Peter a Christmas present, erasing the records of his fingerprints (marked as unidentified) at Sandra's housePeter's own precautions in that matter having been completely insufficientand deleting large passages of her own files pertaining to the Larsen and Churchill cases.

Starting from a segment of ophidian skin picked up in Madrid, Wolf and Larsen had followed the trail little by little and had been close to the final revelation when they had suddenly been called off the case by the central office.

Have Captain Larsen inform Aphrodopolis that they have fifteen minutes to hoist the white flag.

Henry Parsons has gotten married to a girl from Janesville, Wisconsin, and Harlow Larsen has twin boys.

Larsen stood next to Harrington-Bird, goateed, bespectacled, wearing a tweed suit over a sweater-vest and looking like Hollywood’.

Finally, John Larsen found the loose wall panel behind an air-conditioning unit.

Thor Larsen attended, barefoot, with his chief engineer and first officer, the owner's chief superin-tendent (marine architect), who had been there from the start, and the yard's equivalent architect.