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Linx (railway company)

Linx AB was a railway company which operated inter-Scandinavian passenger trains between 2001 and 2004. Established as a joint venture between the Norwegian State Railways (NSB) and the Swedish state-owned SJ, Linx operated the routes from Oslo, Norway, to Stockholm, Sweden, and from Oslo via Gothenburg, Sweden, to Copenhagen, Denmark. Services were provided up to ten times per day. However, slow speeds caused by curvy infrastructure in Norway, combined with competition from low-cost airlines, caused the company to lose money, and eventually grounded operations. The services were taken over by NSB and SJ. Linx. The main rolling stock were eleven X2 electric multiple units, although it used Rc-hauled trains on the Gothenburg–Oslo service. The company was based in Gothenburg.


Linx or LINX may refer to:

  • Linx (railway company), a now defunct Norwegian-Swedish railway company
  • LINX (IPC), an inter process communication mechanism developed by ENEA R&D
  • Linx (band), a British band that had several UK Top 40 hits during the early 1980s
  • London Internet Exchange (or LINX), an internet exchange point in London
  • LINX, a medical device for treatment of acid reflux
Linx (band)

Linx was a British soul/ funk band consisting of David Grant, Bob Carter ( keyboards), Andy Duncan ( drums), Canute Edwards ( guitar), Peter Martin ( bass) (aka Sketch) and Junior Giscombe (backing vocals). After its first hit in 1980, the band slimmed down to a duo of Grant and Martin. They had six entries on the UK Singles Chart from mid 1980 until mid 1982. The band's biggest success was "Intuition," which reached number 7 in early 1981. Other hits included "You're Lying" and "So This is Romance." Linx also contributed to the influential C81 compilation cassette released by New Musical Express magazine in 1981.

Linx had success with 'Intuition' due to a BBC technician's strike, which resulted in only music videos and photographic stills being allowed to be used on 'Top Of The Pops' for a period. This resulted in the video for 'Intuition', which at the time was in the 60's in the music charts, being shown several times. This resulted in it rising to the Top Ten.

Bass player Sketch played a variety of bright funk styles that typified the band's sound. Junior Giscombe is the uncle of British comedian and TV personality Richard Blackwood. Bob Carter and Andy Duncan were session musicians who were known for their contribution to Hazel O'Connor's Breaking Glass album and movie.

Linx split in early 1983, although there were indications that this was going to happen in 1982 as well. Grant went on to have a number of solo hits. More recently, he was featured as a vocal coach on the BBC TV show Fame Academy.

David Grant married Carrie Grant, a 'cheerleader' on 'Top Of The Pops'. The cheerleaders were utilised on the show to keep the spirits of the audience up and create a party atmosphere.

Peter Martin (the bassist) joined the band 23 Skidoo.


LINX is a new generation of the OSE Link Handler for Inter-process communications (IPC) that provides high performance and robust functionality developed by ENEA AB in Sweden. LINX was released as free and open-source software, subject to the requirements of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

LINX was ported later on Linux, works with same success on both OSE and Linux kernels. Is possible to interconnect a Linux machine with an OSE one and have a direct communication path between processes that run under different kernels.

Utilizing direct message passing, LINX scales from DSPs and microcontrollers to 64-bit CPUs. LINX is independent of the underlying processor, operating system, or interconnect, supports control and data plane applications over reliable and unreliable media.

LINX also supports any distributed system topology, from a single processor on a single blade, to large networks with complex cluster topologies deployed on hundreds of processors in a multi-rack system.

LINX enable application processes distributed across multiple operating systems, CPUs, and interconnects to communicate, as if they were running on the same CPU under the same operating system. LINX provides the same services to the application regardless of hardware, operating system, physical interconnect, and network topology.

LINX utilizes an innovative address map for connections that greatly enhances flexibility and scalability. Unlike other IPC models, which must maintain the entire system address map on every node in the system, LINX nodes store only the addresses needed for active connections.

Linx (software house)

Linx is a Brazilian management software company and the largest software house in retail management systems in Latin America. According to the American technology consulting firm IDC, Linx retains 32% of the retail management software in Brazil.