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Lexx is a science fiction television series that follows the adventures of a group of mismatched individuals aboard the organic space craftLexx. They travel through two universes and encounter planets including a parody of the Earth.

The series is a Canadian and German co-production, with some additional funding from Britain's Channel 5. The Sci Fi Channel purchased the series from Salter Street Films and began airing versions of Season 2 episodes for United States' audience in January 2000. Lexx was co-produced by Salter Street Films, later absorbed by Alliance Atlantis. In Canada, Lexx aired on the Alliance Atlantis-owned Showcase network. The series was primarily filmed in Halifax ( Nova Scotia, Canada) and Berlin (Germany), with additional filming on location in Iceland, Bangkok (Thailand), and Namibia.

LEXX (text editor)

right|framed|Editing an entry of the NOED using LEXX LEXX is a text editor which was possibly the first to use live parsing and colour syntax highlighting. It was written by Mike Cowlishaw of IBM around 1985. The name was chosen because he wrote it as a tool for lexicographers, during an assignment for Oxford University Press's second edition of the Oxford English Dictionary. The program ran (and still, 2012, runs) on mainframes under VM/CMS. LEXX's design was chosen as a middle ground between specialized syntax directed editors such as Grif and JANUS and general purpose editors such as the contemporary Emacs and XEDIT.

LEXX uses dynamically-loaded parsers which assign classes of elements (tokens formed from character strings) to fonts and colors. It allows indention to be used to format and show the structure of the file being edited, and other formatting options allow (for example) the hiding of selected classes of text, such as tags. A collection of screenshots is available. Reimplemented derivatives of the LEXX concept known as LPEX (for 'Live Parsing Editor) were originally produced for OS/2 and AIX, but now also run on Windows, Linux, and the Java JVM.