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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
a lack of commitment
▪ His lack of commitment to the project was easy to see.
a lack of common sense
▪ Leaving the child alone in the car showed a lack of common sense.
a lack of communication
▪ Disagreements are often due to a lack of communication.
a lack of concentration
▪ A lack of concentration when you are driving can be fatal.
a lack of confidence
▪ She had always suffered from insecurity and a lack of confidence.
a lack of confidence
▪ the public’s lack of confidence in the National Health Service
a lack of consensus
▪ Nothing was done because of a lack of consensus on the matter.
a lack of cooperation
▪ the lack of cooperation between the two countries
a lack of demand
▪ Many factories closed through lack of demand.
a lack of discipline
▪ The principal never tolerated a lack of discipline.
a lack of energy
▪ Common symptoms include a loss of appetite and a lack of energy.
a lack of enthusiasm
▪ My lack of enthusiasm for his suggestion made him angry.
a lack of expertise
▪ His lack of expertise in running such a large factory led to serious production problems.
a lack of expression
▪ I was surprised at the lack of expression on his face.
a lack of imagination
▪ Their policies show a lack of imagination.
a lack of interest
▪ The show was cancelled due to a lack of interest on the part of the public.
a lack of respect
▪ They blame youth crime on unemployment and lack of respect for the law.
a lack/loss of morale
▪ Rising sickness levels among your employees may show a loss of morale.
bemoan the lack/absence/loss of sth
▪ an article bemoaning the lack of sports facilities in the area
distinct lack of
▪ a distinct lack of enthusiasm
lack a skill (=not have a skill)
▪ He lacked both the skills and the confidence to take on the job.
lack ambition/have no ambition
▪ Many of the students lack ambition.
lack charm/be lacking in charm
▪ A lot of new buildings lack charm.
lack charm/be lacking in charm
▪ A lot of new buildings lack charm.
lack commitment
▪ I never get promoted because they think I lack commitment.
lack competence
▪ Some staff members lacked the competence to deal with technical problems.
lack energy (=have no energy)
▪ She lacked the energy to continue.
lack experience (=not have enough experience)
▪ Some students lack experience writing essays.
lack experience
▪ Many men in their twenties lack experience and social skills.
lack expertise
▪ The country lacks the expertise, equipment and finance to deal with the disaster.
lack imagination
▪ A lot of today's pop music seems to lack imagination.
lack inspiration (=not have any good or interesting ideas)
▪ His latest album appears to lack inspiration.
lack of compassion
▪ I was shocked by the doctor’s lack of compassion.
lack of emotion
▪ George’s apparent lack of emotion was too much to bear.
lack of exercise
▪ Children are becoming overweight through lack of exercise.
lack of experience
▪ My colleagues kept making comments about about my lack of experience.
lack of experience
▪ He was embarrassed about his lack of experience with women.
lack of foresight
▪ It was an example of the authorities’ lack of foresight.
lack of pretension
▪ the humbleness and lack of pretension of Jordan’s cafe
lack of trust
▪ At first there was a lack of trust between them.
lack originality
▪ The music lacks originality, but is fun and well-played.
lack qualifications
▪ 40 percent of the prisoners lack any qualifications.
lack the ability to do sth
▪ As a young man, he lacked the ability to say no.
lack the courage to do sth
▪ He lacked the courage to look her full in the face.
lack the instinct to do sth
▪ He lacked the instinct to attack another human being.
lack the will to do sth
▪ He lacked the will to resist.
lack thereof
▪ Money, or the lack thereof, played a major role in their marital problems.
lack/be lacking in confidence
▪ She lacked the confidence to talk to people.
lack/be lacking in confidence
▪ She lacked the confidence to talk to people.
lack/be lacking in credibility
▪ The new regime lacked credibility from the start.
lack/be lacking in credibility
▪ The new regime lacked credibility from the start.
lament the lack/absence/decline etc of sth
▪ Steiner lamented the lack of public interest in the issue.
lamentable lack
▪ a lamentable lack of support for the idea
loss/lack of appetite
▪ Symptoms include fever and loss of appetite.
▪ I’m a bit worried about her lack of appetite.
sb’s lack of ambition
▪ I was frustrated by their apparent lack of ambition.
singular lack
▪ He showed a singular lack of tact in the way he handled the situation.
sorely lacking
▪ Courage is a quality that is sorely lacking in world leaders today.
total lack
▪ He looked at her with a total lack of comprehension.
▪ But what worried him most was the apparent lack of breathing or pulse.
▪ Does their apparent lack of progress speak to their shortcomings as candidates?
▪ The apparent lack of multiple entry and exit gates on the crowd side of the airfield was bound to cause problems.
▪ No harm was done by the apparent lack of male influence.
▪ Substitute anxiety in the spectator, he wrote, brought about by nothing other than the apparent lack of anxiety in the image.
▪ Further inflexibility is apparent in the lack of spare accommodation.
▪ One of the recurring discussion points was the apparent lack of communication skills teaching for nursing staff.
▪ Adam's apparent lack of concern enraged Mike, as hurt by his brother's treachery as he was by the theft.
▪ I longed to ask questions but was wary of revealing my complete lack of local knowledge.
▪ Communications difficulties contributed greatly to a complete lack of coordination of efforts.
▪ It is one of the most popular rasboras despite complete lack of any bright colours.
▪ Due to a complete lack of interest in reading, our staff has decided to forego reviewing books this week.
▪ It was not wickedness that led him into crime but a cheerfully impulsive nature and an almost complete lack of reasoning power.
▪ The older boy went blind in a complete lack of interest.
▪ People still pay up despite the complete lack of ghosts.
▪ Loss of concentration, a complete lack of ability to focus, was the chief occupational hazard of the trading floor.
▪ Without much outright horsepower-a distinct lack of brawn-the Porsche should be driven with brains.
▪ There seems to be a distinct lack of aggression or passion.
▪ There were far fewer flags, a distinct lack of appetite for celebration.
▪ It is not the case that there is a general lack of skills.
▪ The world of sport shares this general lack of understanding.
▪ Once in the classroom the teacher is restricted by the core curriculum and general workload and lack of equipment.
▪ A general lack of understanding of factor analysis, however, weakened the impact of the study and its effect was minimal.
▪ Traders get away with such cruel treatment because of the general lack of control and concern on the part of airlines and airports.
▪ One might be rather less charitable and argue that the lack of interest reflects a general lack of computer awareness.
▪ A general lack of confidence is noticeable as a result.
▪ This may be related to a relative lack of social stability: being more frequently single and in less permanent accommodation.
▪ The relative lack of input from Texas means a relative lack of interest from the candidates.
▪ Proof of this may be demonstrated by the relative lack of pleasure when smoking a cigarette with one's eyes shut.
▪ The relative lack of input from Texas means a relative lack of interest from the candidates.
▪ These factors may have contributed markedly to the relative lack of success of the minor marriages.
▪ From this position there is a relative lack of regard for the Symbolic order.
▪ The lesson, the drama, the learning all appear to be at risk because of the relative lack of structure.
▪ They say they consider him uncorrupted, and are impressed by his relative lack of political ambition.
▪ Midge's total lack of emotion prevented him from sharing his own grief with her and he found that unbearable.
▪ When a compliment like that is based upon a total lack of information it seems like a kind of mockery.
▪ Everywhere there is a total lack of understanding about hygiene, antisepsis, and the importance of sanitation.
▪ The rustic music they created has a timeless appeal, both in its deceptive simplicity and total lack of pretension.
▪ He saw that honesty and within it somehow, a total lack of the cynicism that had marred his own life.
▪ There are problems that call for imagination and ingenuity, and there are others that call for a total lack of it.
▪ They have shown a total lack of interest in joint action in the face of rising fuel prices.
▪ Tioman's greatest attraction is the almost total lack of anything to do.
▪ She showed a complete lack of interest in her own baby.
▪ Daniel prefaces his interpretation with a review of Nebuchadnezzar's prideful fall from grace and Beishazzar's own lack of humility.
▪ I think a lot of people are surprised by my lack of being overwhelmed.
▪ I wonder if the company have any idea how much wildlife has been killed by the lack of water.
▪ Largely this arises from the lack of adequate time-series data on resource levels.
▪ The lack of comprehension can be attributed in part to the paucity of electronic commerce applications that the consumer has personally experienced.
▪ The lack of oxygen at this height saps power.
▪ The options never reached a vote, however, as the meeting was cancelled for lack of support!
▪ Tobaccocontrol advocates agree, saying their lack of vigilance in decades past had allowed the Tobacco Institute to gain power and influence.
▪ An admirable state of mind that is sorely lacking these days.
Capacity Certain persons lack the legal capacity to make a contract.
▪ Man, however, lacks the emotional capacity of woman, and can stand free of sentimental attachments or hurts.
▪ Using wholly incompatible weapons systems and riven by language difficulties, the troops lack the capacity to fight as coordinated units.
▪ They lack the capacity to depict depth and perspective and provide no sense of history.
▪ On the other hand, let it be supposed that she lacked ordinary competence and capacity.
▪ And what if you lacked the capacity to delude yourself?
▪ Both often lack the capacity or willingness to fulfil their legal responsibilities.
▪ In this view, decision makers lack the cognitive capacity and the comprehensive information that would enable them to calculate utilities rationally.
▪ They may lack the confidence, the self-esteem, to venture into libraries.
▪ But he does not lack confidence or sense of manifest Elvis destiny.
▪ Maybe I lacked confidence - I didn't consider I possessed the degree of presence you need as the vital link-man.
▪ But because men lack the experience and confidence, infant care training can help.
▪ They lacked confidence in their own values.
▪ But Pataki does not appear to lack confidence that he can create yet another success that other states would wish to emulate.
▪ We all worry about what other people think of us and being shy doesn't automatically mean we lack confidence.
▪ Yet the parents knew their children lacked confidence.
▪ But away from the controlling mythology of the Western, his blood-dimmed vision lacked the same conviction.
▪ The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity.
▪ But the letter, a social obligation too promptly performed, had lacked conviction.
▪ One major factor, of course, was that the possible alternatives seemed enfeebled and lacking in conviction.
▪ The trouble with this remarkable change of character is that Swayze simply lacks conviction.
▪ There is no iron in the new faith because it lacks personal conviction.
▪ Now, fortunately, the worst lack all conviction too.
▪ But it must be admitted that the interpretation of the earlier building as a temple lacks conviction.
▪ But when the Futurist painting manifestos appeared early in 1910 the work of the painters themselves still lacked a sense of direction.
▪ In the absence of planning there would be considerable frustration and pupils' activities would lack direction.
▪ Douglas Hurd has proved a reassuring figure in a campaign that has at times seemed to lack confidence and direction.
▪ He entirely lacks financial and business experience.
▪ But because men lack the experience and confidence, infant care training can help.
▪ They lack experience, principle and vision.
▪ Once in office, however, the Clinton adminstration was quickly accused of being too young and lacking in experience.
▪ The view that they lack work experience is contradicted by a substantial body of evidence.
▪ In addition, he lacked experience in the vital sphere of foreign affairs.
▪ Roache and Kolender dismiss Ruff as a well-spoken and nice man who lacks the management experience to be sheriff.
▪ Many old brokers were unable to become independent advisers because they lacked the expertise and resources to win authorisation.
▪ You may see areas where you have responsibilities but in fact lack adequate expertise.
▪ But certain teachers may lack the competence and expertise to avoid controversy completely.
▪ M.P.s may lack the necessary expertise to scrutinise it effectively and may lack the necessary independent information. 4.
▪ Doctors may not, for example, be happy with, interference in their work by somebody who lacks their medical expertise.
▪ City were content to sit back on their lead, and Newcastle lacked the pace or imagination to break them down.
▪ But thus far it lacks the imagination and leadership.
▪ Her play seems to lack imagination and she is manifestly terrified of Keith.
▪ Both Wellington and Harriett lacked imagination but relied instead on keen observation.
▪ Ards lacked imagination and drive against an inexperienced Town side, and had a lucky escape in the first minute.
▪ New theories about education challenged women's intellectual credentials since most of them lacked a knowledge of the classics.
▪ Still, the egocentric child typically lacks any appreciation or knowledge of the game from a social point of view.
▪ My dealer lacks sufficient knowledge to be of any help.
▪ The clearest example of an incompetent teacher is one who lacks knowledge about the subject he or she is supposed to teach.
▪ She may lack motivation to increase knowledge and improve skills, and appear uninterested.
▪ The autonomous learner lacking particular knowledge knows how to acquire that knowledge.
▪ The inexperienced therapist often feels that he lacks knowledge of sophisticated treatment techniques.
▪ They usually place job applicants who have the right qualifications but lack knowledge of the job market for their desired position.
▪ The poorer ones lack the means to get out, and keep getting caught.
▪ These early systems sometimes provide information only and lack the means to accept orders via the keyboard.
▪ World markets dominated their economies, and they lacked the means for independent national economic development.
▪ Because women often lack the means to pay fines, they are more likely to be imprisoned.
▪ Trapped in a vacuum of despair, that term, I thought dramatically of suicide, but lacked the means.
▪ It may feel it lacks the means to guarantee success and that a military enterprise would be too risky.
▪ It is immediately apparent from this matrix that most of our information resources lack efficient means for exploiting those resources.
▪ In the process the West may have sold itself a weapons portfolio which it lacks the means to produce in quantity.
▪ Cambridge, in comparison, looked metronomic and lacked the power through the water to counter Oxford's punch.
▪ Accordingly, Congress simply lacks power under the Commerce Clause to displace state regulation of this kind.
▪ And even while considering whether or not to remove it gently, she seemed to lack the power to do so.
▪ The concrete operational child lacks the range, power, and depth of reasoning of his or her more developed counterpart.
▪ Prose writers lack this power of admirable, dishonest transformation.
▪ But they lack the power to force improvement that competition delivers.
▪ Respondents identified a number of procedural deficiencies in the Act which was said to lack sufficient powers to enforce compliance.
▪ There he learned that as a jobholder he lacked the power to do what needed to be done to create high-quality publications.
▪ One reason for this is that older workers tend to lack certification for skill even if they have been acquired.
▪ He and his handlers say he lacks the rhetorical skill of the president.
▪ Unfortunately from his viewpoint he lacked the skill to handle the matter and the result was a catastrophic decline in his reputation.
▪ The duties of employment interviewers in job service centers differ somewhat because applicants may lack marketable skills.
▪ He questions, for example, the idea that the only reason why people are out of work is that they lack skills.
▪ They lack the professional skills to do it themselves and can not afford to hire lawyers to do it for them.
▪ Social groups which lack the civic skills to represent their own interests are particularly vulnerable to neglect by decentralizing agencies.
▪ Strategically, a commitment to hiring minorities may require special efforts to train people who lack the necessary skills.
▪ However, other Jacobite demonstrations from this time appear to have lacked much genuine support.
▪ But it appears to lack sufficient support.
▪ Day-care provision also lacked the support of women trade unionists.
▪ And if she is poor, she is more likely to lack support when she needs it the most.
▪ It will lack support for Apple events.
▪ At least at the beginning it lacked social support, usually freely available in the schools from which secondees came.
▪ A demand for a reduction in public expenditure can mean that the weaker services suffer because they lack powerful support groups.
▪ We lack a vision of what kind of company we want to be and a strategy.
▪ They bolted at the hard-line views of Pat Buchanan and said Bob Dole lacked vision.
▪ It lacks the vision, the panache, the self-confidence it once had under Mrs Thatcher, before she went sour.
▪ It lacked an accurate vision of where this explosion in the bond market would lead.
▪ They argued that, for all his drive and competence, he lacked both vision and character.
▪ However, our real weakness is not that we lack the potential, but that we lack the will to act.
▪ Too many people are mere products of their context, lacking the will to change, to develop their potential.
▪ And some forces appear to lack the will, as well.
▪ By definition, however reluctant people facing behavior-driven change lack both will and skill.
▪ She seemed to lack all will or decision.
▪ Glenn has the discipline that Forman lacks.
▪ He lacked the energy to argue with him.
▪ Kevin lacks a willingness to try new things.
▪ Many people lack adequate pension arrangements.
▪ They lived in appalling conditions, lacking even the most primitive sanitation.
▪ Tom lacks confidence and needs a lot of encouragement.
▪ And so she lacked the seniority to get into that high or into that new school.
▪ And the Ports have lacked real aggression in midfield since McCreadie's departure!
▪ And yet they have lacked enough concentration to lose five games.
▪ Fourth, the fund may lack the accounting systems and performance measurement techniques to incorporate futures, so discouraging their use.
▪ However, our real weakness is not that we lack the potential, but that we lack the will to act.
▪ I think I lacked inner peace.
▪ Napoleon lacked up-to-the-minute information at the crucial moment; he didn't know what Bluücher was doing.
▪ Obviously, even parents who have lacked early contact with their infants after hospital births generally become bonded to their babies.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lac \Lac\ (l[a^]k), Lakh \Lakh\ (l[aum]k), n. [Hind. lak, l[=a]kh, l[=a]ksh, Skr. laksha a mark, sign, lakh.] One hundred thousand; also, a vaguely great number; as, a lac of rupees. [Written also lack.] [East Indies]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

c.1300, "absence, want; shortage, deficiency," perhaps from an unrecorded Old English *lac, or else borrowed from Middle Dutch lak "deficiency, fault;" in either case from Proto-Germanic *laka- (cognates: Old Frisian lek "disadvantage, damage," Old Norse lakr "lacking"), from PIE *leg- "to dribble, trickle" (see leak (v.)). Middle English also had lackless "without blame or fault."


late 12c., perhaps from Middle Dutch laken "to be wanting," from lak (n.) "deficiency, fault," or an unrecorded native cognate word (see lack (n.)). Related: Lacked; lacking.


n. (context obsolete English) A defect or failing; moral or spiritual degeneracy. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To be without, to need, to require. 2 (context intransitive English) To be short (''of'' or ''for'' something). 3 (context intransitive English) To be in want. 4 (cx obsolete English) To see the ‘lack’ in (someone or something); to find fault with, to malign, reproach.

  1. n. the state of needing something that is absent or unavailable; "there is a serious lack of insight into the problem"; "water is the critical deficiency in desert regions"; "for want of a nail the shoe was lost" [syn: deficiency, want]

  2. v. be without; "This soup lacks salt"; "There is something missing in my jewellery box!" [syn: miss] [ant: have]


To lack something is to not have it.

Lack may also refer to:

  • Lack (surname)
  • Lack Township, Juniata County, Pennsylvania
  • Lack, County Clare, a townland in County Clare, Ireland
  • Lack, County Fermanagh, a townland in County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland
  • Lack, County Galway, a townland in County Galway, Ireland
  • Lack, County Kerry, a townland in County Kerry, Ireland
  • Lack, County Roscommon, a townland in County Roscommon, Ireland
  • Lack, Poland
  • Łąck, Poland
  • Lack (manque), a term in Lacan's psychoanalytic philosophy
Lack (manque)

In Jacques Lacan's psychoanalytic philosophy, lack is a concept that is always related to desire. In his seminar Le transfert (1960–61) he states that lack is what causes desire to arise.


Łąck (1943–1945, German Lonsch) is a village in Płock County, Masovian Voivodeship, in east-central Poland. It is the seat of the gmina (administrative district) called Gmina Łąck. It lies approximately south-west of Płock and west of Warsaw.

The village has a population of 1,350.

Lack (surname)

Lack is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Andrew Lack (born 1953), British botanist and biologist
  • David Lack (1910–1973), British ornithologist and biologist
  • Eddie Lack (born 1988), Carolina Hurricanes goaltender
  • Fredell Lack (born 1922), American classical violinist
  • James J. Lack (born 1944), New York politician and judge
  • Ken Lack (1934–2001), Jamaican record producer
  • Portia Lack (born 1961), American handball player
  • Simon Lack (1913–1980), Scottish actor
  • Stephen Lack (born 1946), Scottish painter and actor
  • Théodore Lack (1846–1921), French classical pianist and composer
Lack (Porno Graffitti song)

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Usage examples of "lack".

And there were problems with these votes, since the Sem-inole County Canvassing Board had allowed Republican Party volunteers to fill in missing data on absentee-ballot applications completed by registered Republicansa violation of Florida lawand many overseas absentee ballots from members of the armed forces lacked the postmarks required by law.

The computerized response lacked any trace of personality, quite unlike the acerbic tone Seven expected from his own Beta 5 computer.

They seemed to find her lack of response rather daunting, even the more acerbic Gelana.

Attorney was a man with a mediocre mind who lacked acertain character.

While the lack of physical adaptitude may be the occasion of much suffering and unhappiness in such unions, especially on the part of the wife, being even productive of most serious local disease, and sometimes of sterility, it is in childbirth that the greatest risk and suffering is incurred.

Mari Ado asked with the blunt lack of manners she obviously thought went with her offworld name.

The less successful of the female abortionists, whose practice or business is limited, to some extent, through lack of funds to advertise the same, are content with considerably less sums for their services.

He recalled in his affidavit some of these reports of conditions in eight camps inhabited by Russian and Polish workers : overcrowding that bred disease, lack of enough food to keep a man alive, lack of water, lack of toilets.

The mercenaries did not participate in the executions and tortures, but they all knew that without them Alured lacked the troops to force so many towns.

The color faded from his eyes, leached away to white and then filled with amaranthine lacking whites, pupils and iris.

The first time they took mortgiefan their eyes changed to amaranthine, lacking in iris, whites, and pupils.

He felt keenly the lack of the ambient that would have made him aware what Carlo was thinking.

The only encouragement was the lack of specific alarm from the horses, who carried an ambient void of native presence around the village.

I had thought it might easily be arranged, but it seems the Markham is an ambitionless creature, and lacks the desire to meet your mountain.

How may we be faithful to that ideal of justice toward our inferior brethren, which underlies all humanitarian effort, and lack nothing in fidelity to Science to whose achievements we reverently look for the amelioration of the human race?