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alt. (''Scotland'', ''chiefly poetic'') language n. (''Scotland'', ''chiefly poetic'') language

Usage examples of "leid".

Then he sat down at the other end of the table, and Mr Mercado sat down in the vacant place by Mrs Leidner.

Afterwards Dr Leidner and Mr Mercado cleaned some pottery, pouring a solution of hydrochloric acid over it.

Mrs Leidner had left that unlocked and Mrs Mercado had been alone in the house one day pottering about, she might easily have found them and read them.

Nurse Leatheran had told me of the angry glances she had seen Mrs Mercado direct at Mrs Leidner.

In her treatment of Carl Reiter Mrs Leidner displayed really deliberate cruelty.

Ich werde dir alle Freundschaft entgegenbringen, die in meiner Macht steht, und sonst nichts, solange dieses Leid auf uns lastet.

Mag alles Qual, Mag alles Leid und Schatten sein -- Doch diese eine süsse Sonnenstunde nicht, Und nicht der Duft vom roten Klee, Und nicht das tiefe, zarte Wohlgefühl In meiner Seele.

My grandsire gied Sandie a siller tester to pit in his gun wi' the leid draps, bein mair deidly again bogles.

When the corp was examined the leid draps hadnae played buff upon the warlock's body.