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n. (context linguistics sociolinguistics English) A specific form of a language or a language or a dialect.

Usage examples of "lect".

The only support for my intel- lect was my deep-seated certainty that one of the effects of the psychotropic smoking mixture was to induce me to hallucinate the size of the gnat.

It was a letter direct from the soil, straight from home, full of biographies of bees, tales of turnips, peaans of new-laid eggs, neglected parents and the slump in dried apples.

I was calm and col- lected and could place my undivided attention on her actions.

Timothy Forsyte on the Bayswater Road, London, which still collected and radiated family gossip.

DANIELLE rolled over, checked the time on the digital bedside clock, then she slid swiftly to her feet, col lected her celiphone and punched in the requisite digits to connect with her mother.

There certainly is some mysterious connection between incipient spinal trouble and the collecting of autographs.

Quiet times were rare, and they interviewed several women before se lecting one as necessary part-time staff with the Ca pability of temporary full-time work as and when Danielle or Mane might be absent.

Conduits can carry many things, and lects can concentrate much energy.