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n. 1 (plural of lad English) 2 (context Northern England Geordie Ireland English) A group of friends, regardless of gender. Often '''the lads'''.

Usage examples of "lads".

Then there were the younger lads like myself who were unskilled, and when they boasted it was of quick sessions they themselves enjoyed.

I must say, however, that these young men are about as likely a lot of lads as I have ever seen.

That first volume detailed how the lads penetrated the fastnesses of the Rockies, hunted big game and how they finally discovered the Lost Claim, which they won after fighting a battle with the mountaineers, thus earning for themselves quite a fortune.

After these exciting adventures, the lads concluded to cut short their Montana trip and go on to the next stage of their journeyings, which was destined to be even more stirring than any that had preceded it.

Through the disaster, the lads solved the Secret of the Ruby Mountain, thus putting an end for good to the wholesale thieving in the Ozark range.

With joyous anticipation of the new scenes and experiences that lay before them, the lads set briskly to work, and within an hour had all the stock and equipment removed from the car.

The lads could not repress a laugh as they glanced at the figure pointed out by Stacy.

With shouts and songs the lads, in great good humor, went to work at once, pitching their camp for the first time on the plains of New Mexico.

The horsemen in single file suddenly appeared out of a draw to the east and headed for the rock where the lads were in hiding.

The lads had been talking in whispers, but the words fairly froze in their mouths, when, upon glancing down they saw the eyes of a savage fixed upon them.

The lads waited, Tad almost with the patience of an Indian, Chunky ill at ease and restless.

The savages were spread out so that they had a very good view of three sides of the rock on which the two lads were perched, but the fourth side was hidden from them.

Some minutes had elapsed and the lads could plainly hear the snores of their besiegers.

The lads laughed heartily, but Juan merely showed his teeth, protesting that he had earned ten dollars.

The lads changed their course a little so as to head off the solitary horseman, who was loping along in something of a hurry.