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Leye or LEYE may refer to:

Usage examples of "leye".

As hoomly as he rit amonges yow, If ye hym knewe, it wolde be for youre prow, Ye wolde nat forgoon his aqueyntaunce For muchel good, I dar leye in balaunce Al that I have in my possessioun.

Ye koude nat doon so dishoneste a thyng, That thilke wombe in which your children leye, Sholde biforn the peple in my walkyng Be seyn al bare.

Ther spryngen herbes, grete and smale, The lycorys and cetewale, And many a clowe-gylofre, And notemuge to putte in ale, Wheither it be moyste or stale, Or for to leye in cofre.

And leet comande anon to hakke and hewe The okes olde, and leye hem on a rewe In colpons, wel arrayed for to brenne.

And if it do, I dar wel leye a grote That ye shul have a fevere terciane, Or an agu that may be youre bane.

Leyes had heard when Sonia was killed, the compressor he'd heard, later, outside Gold Coast Exotic Car Rentals where Vonda had died.