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Lega may refer to:

  • Achille Lega, Italian painter
  • Legha (clan), clan of Jats in India
  • Lega, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province
  • Lega, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, town in north Poland
  • Lega people, an ethnic group in the Congo
  • Lega language, the language of the Lega people
  • Lega Nord, political movement to bisect Italy
  • Lega dei Ticinesi, political party in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland
  • Lega (river) in Poland
  • La Lega (song), Italian workers' song
  • Mario Lega, Italian motorcyclist
  • Michele Lega, cardinal
  • An earlier name for Street, Somerset
  • Silvestro Lega, Italian painter
Lega (river)

Lega is a river of Poland, a right tributary of the Biebrza. It feeds a number of lakes on the border of the Warmian-Masurian and Podlaskie Voivodeships.

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