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n. (plural of ley English)


Leys may refer to:

  • Lenaert Leys, better known as Leonardus Lessius (1554-1623), Belgian Jesuit and moral theologian
  • Ley line, places of geographical and historic interest
  • Blackbird Leys, civil parish in Oxford, England
  • The Leys School, school in Cambridge
  • Colin Leys, Oxford academic
  • Jan August Hendrik Leys (1815-1869), Belgian painter
  • Beaumont Leys, electoral ward in England
  • Loch of Leys, ancestral home of Burnett of Leys, a Lowland Scottish clan
  • Simon Leys, penname of Pierre Ryckmans

Usage examples of "leys".

Unlike the gregarious market, on walks inside the City, and particularly along the leys, delays for the sake of gossip were unlikely.

Beyond the Tower wall, the roofs of the City expanded outward, concentric rings of ice-blue tiles, the silver-lit leys forming eighteen not-quite-even, not-quite-straight spokes.

Undeveloped leys did not exist between Rhomatum and her primary satellites.

Outside only to travel between nodes, and then they rode in sleeper-floaters along the leys, never seeing the open fields and the green forests they passed.

AM in Australia at last--actually in Botany Bay, as we called the colony of New South Wales when Joe Bulder and I first thought of leaving that dear quiet old Dibblestowe Leys in Mid-Kent.

Life passed on so peacefully and pleasantly that I was half inclined to think of taking a farm near the Leys at the end of my term, and asking Jane to help with the dairy, poultry, cider, and housekeeping department.

I returned to the Leys late that evening Jane was most anxious to hear everything about the day.

I received a letter from my uncle, in which he drew my attention to the fact that the year during which he had consented to pay for my training at Dibblestowe Leys had well nigh expired.

I am about to leave Dibblestowe Leys, and, and, indeed, England, perhaps for some years.

I was for some years so completely a part that I doubted at times if my old life at Dibblestowe Leys, with my visits to Allerton Court, and my morning tramplings over the brown fallows, had not been a dream, and this my true and real existence, I see many things to be admired as well as some which were to be deplored and condemned.

More wonderful than any romance it seemed, if we two, who had wandered over the peaceful uplands and oak woods of Dibblestowe Leys, hardly more than boy and girl, should now meet once more again in the far, strange, gold town of Yatala.

So having well digested the facts, stupendous as they might have appeared in an old-world place like the Leys, that the escort had been robbed, policemen shot, the gold carried off and partly recovered, Harry Pole, of No.

I earnestly besought him to do so, visit her at the Leys, and hear from her own mouth the true facts of the case.

A few weeks will see you on your way to Dibblestowe Leys, bless the old place!

He knew the Leys well, and told me he had been shooting at a house close by the year before I went there.