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A lanx (Latin for dish) was a large ancient Roman serving platter. Particularly ornamented ones were used to make offerings or sacrifices. Indeed, the silver Corbridge Lanx, the second discovered in Britain, has depicted on it a lanx itself, set beside various gods and goddesses - Minerva, Diana, Juno, Vesta and Apollo. Positioned atop an altar the lanx is heaped with an offering "of a globular form." Fruit as well as sheep parts and "other small victims" were likely used. However, the exact meaning in this representation has not been determined. The inscription on the now lost Risley Park Lanx, which was the first lanx discovered in Britain indicated that it was "church plate."

Usage examples of "lanx".

Two immediately ran toward the bodies of the dalesmen, but the other three rushed toward Kohren and Lanx, the two clerics of Lathander, who were still fumbling with their saddlebags.