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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lira \Li"ra\ (l[=e]"r[.a]), n.; pl. Lire (l[=e]"r[asl]). [It., fr. L. libra the Roman pound. Cf. Livre.] An Italian coin equivalent in value to the French franc.


Etymology 1 n. 1 (context UK dialectal Northern England Scotland English) flesh, brawn, or muscle; the fleshy part of a person or animal in contradistinction to the bone and skin. 2 (context UK dialectal Scotland English) The fleshy part of a roast capon, etc. as distinguished from a limb or joint. Etymology 2

n. 1 (context UK dialectal Scotland English) The cheek. 2 (context UK dialectal Scotland English) face; appearance of the face or skin; complexion; hue. Etymology 3

n. (context UK dialectal Scotland Orkney Shetland ornithology English) The Manx shearwater (bird). Etymology 4

n. (plural of lira English)

  1. n. the basic unit of money on Malta; equal to 100 cents [syn: Maltese lira]

  2. the basic unit of money in Turkey [syn: Turkish lira]

  3. formerly the basic unit of money in Italy; equal to 100 centesimi [syn: Italian lira]

  4. [also: lire (pl)]


See lira


Liré is a former commune in the Maine-et-Loire department in western France. On 15 December 2015, it was merged into the new commune Orée-d'Anjou. It was the home of the sixteenth-century French poet Joachim du Bellay and is mentioned in his poem "Heureux qui, comme Ulysse, a fait un beau voyage".

The village is situated between Nantes and Angers. There is an annual fest called "Comme dans l'temps". It takes play every last sunday of August.

Liré was a part of French Kingdom, from the moment that Anjou was considered in the french kingdom to.

It has in 2015 more than 2500 population. The soccer team of Liré is called Olympique Liré Drain. The team is on the PH division, it's the lowest division of the ligue atlantique de football, but it's higher than the district de Maine Et Loire. Liré's économy is mainly on agricultural way. It takes benefits of the proximity of Toyota's factory and all the services in Ancenis.

In the past Liré was called Lyré.

Usage examples of "lire".

Some ridiculous imp inside her mind wanted to giggle, sitting back and beholding her in more terror of a slanging-match with the boatman, over fifty lire, than of a final fight to the death with Monfalcone over twelve diamonds and an obscure principle.

But if you keep the money and do not deliver the message, you will have a thousand lire with trouble, and soon only trouble, and no lire.

They must have been paid already, and handsomely, as he had thought, or they would not have gone away for a mere thousand lire, after all the work they had done for these unpredictable patrons.

Especially he did not wish to have the questioning turned too closely in his own direction, in view of the seven thousand lire reposing in his trousers pocket.

And if she gave someone her last twenty-three lire to post them - even if she had the means to pack them - it would not even be enough.

And now, provided they did not have to pay more than twenty lire to gain entry somewhere, she thought, she would stay in the very middle of this innocent group until they stepped aboard again.

The whole episode had been as satisfying as wine to him, he had expressed himself joyously, had fought and been pursued, had rescued his little friend and seen the downfall of her enemies, and, into the bargain, had seven thousand unexpected lire in his pockets.

If Gino would have sold his wife for a thousand lire, for how much less would he not sell his child?

Most of the rest of the crowd exited only as far as where Fitz had reappeared, so they could each throw him ten more lire to see the second tableau.

Either spend all your lire before we get to the frontier, or exchange them for good gold or gems.

Florian, Zanni and Maurice, each of them carrying in each hand a satchel full of lire and centesimi, scurried about to every money-changing establishment in the city.

Panic and fear blinded them to the cleansing lire that Wraeththu could be.

In the space of a quarter of an hour we had settled the problem of the disposal of our cargo, had collected a cheque for nearly fourteen million lire, got an order for another cargo of a similar type, an invitation to a party and had made a new contact who wanted to do business with us.

Space Invader machine for which he had advanced them hundred lire pieces.

Leibowitz slipped the keys across the table and watched helplessly, as his comrade scooped the loose change and a few lire off the table, ran to the van, and pulled out into the long cavalcade of passing cars.