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Lazo may refer to:

Lazo (musician)

Lazo (né Lazarus J. Finn) is a Reggae musician from Castle Bruce, Dominica. He immigrated to Canada in 1979 and holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto.

Lazo (surname)

Lazo is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alec Lazo, American ballroom dancer
  • Agustín Lazo Adalid, Mexican artist
  • Pedro Luis Lazo, Cuban baseball player
  • Ralph Lazo, American civil rights activist
  • Sergey Lazo, Moldovan revolutionary

Usage examples of "lazo".

There they remain, and form a rich mine for dogged scholars who have not passed their youth on horseback with the lazo in their hands.

My test readers Morgan Hawke, Virginia Ettel, Martha Punches, Linda Kusiolek, and Katherine Lazo helped me track down and kill many other goofs.

Martha Punches, Morgan Hawke, and Katherine Lazo, as well as my wonderful critique partner, Diane Whiteside.

American serviceman, Sergeant Carlos Lazo, who has two teenage sons living in Cuba who do not wish to follow their father in emigrating to the United States.

It is troubling to realize that American Sergeant Lazo could visit his sons if he were a citizen of any other nation in the world.