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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leef \Leef\ (l[=e]f), a. & adv. See Lief. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "leef".

Lying awake afterwards, while Leef and Cal greedily smoked cigarettes that Hiren had sold them, I found myself wondering if, on the road south, my father had sought company to relieve his spiritual and physical needs.

Cal was on edge all the time, dreading further contact with Seel, while Leef was sullen and silent.

Leef crept off into the trees in search of prey for our supper, while I untackled the horses and brushed the dust and dried sweat from their coats.

And therfore who-so list it nat yheere, Turne over the leef, and chese another tale.

If thou be foul, be fre of thy dispence, To gete thee freendes ay do thy travaille, Be ay of chiere as light as leef on lynde, And lat hym care, and wepe, and wryng, and waille.

Just so soon as a man becums a reglar out & out Sperret rapper he leeves orf workin, lets his hare grow all over his fase & commensis spungin his livin out of other peple.