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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lene \Lene\ (l[=e]n), v. t. [See Lend.] To lend; to grant; to permit. [Obs.]


Lene \Le"ne\ (l[=e]"n[-e]), a. [L. lenis smooth.] (Phonetics)

  1. Smooth; as, the lene breathing.

  2. Applied to certain mute consonants, as p, k, and t (or Gr. [pi], [kappa], [tau]).
    --W. E. Jelf.


Lene \Le"ne\, n. (Phonetics)

  1. The smooth breathing (spiritus lenis).

  2. Any one of the lene consonants, as p, k, or t (or Gr. [pi], [kappa], [tau]).
    --W. E. Jelf.


n. 1 (context phonetics English) The smooth breathing (spiritus lenis). 2 (context phonetics English) Any of the lene consonants, such as ''p'', ''k'', or ''i'' (or Greek pi, kappa, tau).


Lene is a feminine given name common in Denmark and Norway.

Usage examples of "lene".

Harnessing the desperate strength of the pursued, she snatched up the velvet altar skirt dedicated to Lene, pausing only an instant to toss the cloth at the warrior before rushing headlong from the corridor.