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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Curling his toes in a vain attempt to frustrate the inhospitable lino, Mungo watched, fascinated.
▪ Every second day I wash out this room - because it's only lino.
▪ She asked them to donate a collection of drawings, watercolours and sketches as well as etchings, lino prints and engravings on metal.
▪ There was lino on the floor and lace curtains at the window.
▪ There was carpet in the living room, lino elsewhere; gas fires downstairs and no heating in the bedrooms.
▪ There was no lino covering on the stairs leading to the second floor.
▪ They will lurk inside cupboards in murderous kitchens, spewing across the lino if you open the door.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1907, short for linotype.


n. (context Australia NZ UK colloquial informal English) (abbreviation of linoleum English)


n. a floor covering [syn: linoleum]


Lino may refer to:

  • Lino, short for linoleum, a common flooring material
  • Lino, slang for linesman, the former name (still in widespread common use) for an assistant referee in football
  • Lino, slang for a habitual user of cocaine

LINO is also a politics-related acronym for:

  • Libertarian In Name Only
  • Liberal In Name Only
  • Labour In Name Only

Lino is also a male given name.

  • Pope Linus, second Pope, alive during first century.
  • Lino Lacedelli (1925–2009), Italian mountaineer
  • Lino Rulli, American talk radio host
  • Lino Saputo, Canadian businessman and founder of the Canadian-based cheese manufacturer Saputo, Inc.
  • Lino Tagliapietra, glass artist
  • Lino Ventura, an Italian actor who starred in French movies

Lino is also the surname of

  • Pascal Lino, a French former road racing cyclist

Lino is the title / stage name of:

  • Lino (rapper), French rapper; part of the rap duo Ärsenik
Lino (footballer)

Dorvalino Alves Maciel (born 1 June 1977), known as Lino, is a Brazilian former footballer who played as a left back, and a current scout for PAOK FC.

Usage examples of "lino".

John gives the contract to Eddie Lino, who was one of the shooters in the Castellano hit.

Billie Meo walked through Casualty with such fascination that the scored lino strained to feel the weight of her tread.

Tender-yeared Billie Meo walked through Casualty with such fascination that the scored lino strained to feel the weight of her tread.

What occult ablutions, what bleak rethinks, took place among all this lino and iron?

There were the familiar smells of the house, strong in his nose--the smell of cold tea and cold chips, older fat, of the damp that came into the walls, of the lino and scraps of carpet where that damp had eaten and corroded.

We think one of them might be a girl from Lino Lakes, but we can’.