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n. (plural of lev English)

  1. n. the basic unit of money in Bulgaria

  2. [also: leva (pl)]


See lev

Leva (album)

Leva is Elisa Lindström's debut album as a solo artist, released in 2014.

Usage examples of "leva".

Another ten leva would put him in striking distance of getting through the winter.

Shed guessed he had stolen upward of fifty leva, enough to have completed the renovation of the Lily.

The moneylender had a sack of leva on his desk, was weighing coins one at a time on a fine scale, sorting out those that had been clipped.

He paid ten leva to a piratical purser and found himself a spot where he would not be seen from shore.

Yet Madam Orso, mother to the Baroness, said that the Man was physician to Leva and would assure a live birth and ordered that he not be disturbed, and so he was let be.

But Leva wept outright, and threw herself on her knees beside him, putting her arms round him as he sat, speaking words of comfort.

I mind that an old woman ran along the wharf when she found that all were going, and cried that Dame Leva had not paid for certain fowls bought of her.

But from the day we came to the house on the shore he was content to call Grim and Leva father and mother, and ourselves were his brothers, even as he will hold us even now.

Here by the shore the pestilence hardly came, and so that trouble was not added to us, though the weak and old went, as had Grim and Leva, here and there.

Si era alzata, era venuta nella parte occupata da Harlan e, con un gesto risoluto, aveva ferma­to il cronoscafo, abbassando la leva con la mano, e pro­vocando una brusca decelerazione temporale.

Tu stabilisci il con­tatto, e nello stesso tempo abbassi la leva del tempo.

Grace fece leva con il piede di porco, spezzando la catena che bloccava il cancelletto.

Toccò una leva d'avorio posta di lato: l'immagine divenne poco più che un'ombra, si frammentò e si riformò.