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vb. (context Northern England English) ''especially'' (context Geordie English) To teach or to learn.


v. acquire or gain knowledge or skills; "She learned dancing from her sister"; "I learned Sanskrit"; "Children acquire language at an amazing rate" [syn: learn, acquire]

Larn (video game)

Larn is a roguelike computer game authored by Noah Morgan in 1986 for the UNIX operating system. Morgan's original version of Larn remains part of the NetBSD games collection.

Larn is one of the shorter roguelike games. It can take many hours and tens or even hundreds to thousands of game turns to beat other roguelikes, such as NetHack or Ancient Domains of Mystery, but Larn can reasonably be completed in one play session.


Larn may refer to:

  • Larn (video game), a 1986 roguelike computer game
  • Richard Larn, British author and shipwreck expert

Usage examples of "larn".

Mingo, but she consorts with the vagabonds, and must have larned some of their tricks.

They larnt that of the British, who are actilly so full of it, they remind me of Commodore Trip.

I do believe that's the way he larned to give the folks the dodge so spry--well, I used to say to him, 'How on airth is it, Mr.

Ryerson's eldest son, Arthur Larned Ryerson, a Yale student, was killed in an automobile accident Easter Monday, 1912.