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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leam \Leam\, n. & v. i. See Leme. [Obs.]


Leam \Leam\, n. [See Leamer, Lien.] A cord or strap for leading a dog.
--Sir W. Scott.


Etymology 1 vb. (context intransitive UK dialectal English) To gleam; shine; glow. Etymology 2

n. (context UK dialectal English) A gleam or flash of light; a glow or glowing. Etymology 3

n. A cord or strap for leading a dog.


Leam or LEAM may refer to:

Usage examples of "leam".

The first is that you and I are close, and he can leam about you through me.

You are a responsible and talented individual, and nothing that you could possibly leam about yourself would change that.

People, by their reluctance to leam how to make changes, just grew used to accepting less and less in their lives.

Kanggenpo, each of them will leam what he needs to know to someday become Coyote and make those difficult decisions.

My little brother Kerin has gone to the Far East to leam the secret of their superior escapement.

She always had to write them out in a punch code they made her leam when she was six years old, and the mechanical teacher calculated the mark in no time.

Was there a more difficult lesson for a human being to leam, a paradox harder to accept?

Albert continued to act the part of a well-behaved young man who has very definite opinions but keeps them modestly to himself, leaving the talking to his elders, not out of eagerness to leam but because he wants to be left alone.

However, the social workers have leamed not to see the patients of certain doctors without checking with the doctors first.

For one thing, he would need to leam more about the General's frames of reference, so as to devise an approach that would make sense to the man.

Now they find another new test, or it's a golden oldie, or maybe they just want to keep us worried, whatever the reason, off I go, maybe we'll leam something new today.

The smallest, simplest purchase, she was leaming, had its rituals in Beirut.

Everyone leams on the job, and Fate is more fortunate than the other Incarnations, because there are always two experienced Aspects to guide the new one.

Every known informant in the city, and many of the beggars and rumormongers as well, had been dragged off to the dungeons and questioned, but whatever else Radburn's men accomplished, they did not leam where the Princess was hidden.