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De Soya must convince the garrison commander -- Pax Major Leem -- that an expedition has to be mounted.

On the ninth day he translates out of system with a warning to Major Leem to keep the guards vigilant, the domes livable, and his mouth more civil to future visitors.

The Leem were asexual, but two were required to reproduce, each consuming a massive quantity of food and growing to almost one and a half times its normal size, then splitting off that new half, which then joined with a half from the other to produce a whole new being.

I trade north of Ax Glacier for the furs of sleen, the pelts of leem and larts.

The leem is eight-legged, sinuous like a ferret or a weasel, but the leopard-size, with wedge-shaped head and fangs that can strike through oak.

The place stank of leem, that close, furry, throat-clogging stench that is so noticeable in confined spaces and that is dispersed on the plains by the wind, to be scented by the savage chunkrah and warn them it is time to tail-lock, and with infants in the center, to face horn outward.

I jumped for the airboat, bundling in alongside Delia, turning like a leem to slice my blade down on an upturned face, beating down his rapier guard and biting deep into his skull.

JVlistress Leems fluttered around the great room, seeing to the placement of the silver tea service and trays of cakes and scones and clotted cream, as well as little pots of fruit conserve.

Mistress Leems handed Lord Quigley a cup of tea and a plate of freshly baked scones.

Mistress Leems, I am anxious to see what other surprises you have for me.

Morgan rang for Mistress Leems, who directed the servants to begin serving the queen and her company.

In the refectory, where Mistress Leems still served the foods that Brenna had introduced to her.

And our kind are called Leems, not Leemingites or whatever, which is very close to the actual sound.

I looked at the high meat racks, some with tiers, some twenty feet or more in height, to protect the meat from sleen, both those domesticated and the wild sleen that might prowl to the shores as the hunting, the leems hibernating, grew sparse inland.

When Delia saw us she cried out, and the leems below hissed and spat and leaped in graceful vicious arcs up the walls of the pit.