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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Lamm \Lamm\, v. t. See Lam.


Lamm is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brad Lamm (born 1966), American interventionist, educator, and author
  • Carolyn Lamm, American lawyer and a partner in the Washington, D.C., office of White & Case. She was president of the American Bar Association from 2009 to 2010, and she currently sits on the Council of the American Law Institute
  • Claus Lamm (born 1973), Professor of Biological Psychology and the head of the Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Unit at the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Vienna
  • Emile Lamm (1834–1873), inventor and dentist
  • Fritz Lamm, German politician, SDP member
  • Heinrich Lamm, German physician
  • Herman Lamm (1890–1930), German-American bank robber, also known as "Baron Lamm"
  • Jan Peder Lamm (born 1935), Swedish archaeologist
  • Karen Lamm (1952–2001), . She was married to Dennis Wilson and Robert Lamm
  • Kurt Lamm (1919–1987), German-born American soccer player, coach, manager, and administrator
  • Lawrence Lamm (1896–1995), pioneer in the U.S. book packaging industry. An editor at Macmillan, he became a founder of the Book League of America. He was born in Manhattan, New York and died in Stamford, Connecticut
  • Martin Lamm, member of the Swedish Academy
  • Nomy Lamm (born 1975), American singer/songwriter
  • Norman Lamm (born 1927), Orthodox Jewish communal leader
  • Ole Lamm (1902–1964), Swedish physical chemist
  • Peggy Lamm, American politician
  • Reto Lamm (born 1970), Swiss snowboarder
  • Richard Lamm (born 1935), American politician
  • Robert Lamm (born 1944), American keyboardist, singer and songwriter
  • Uno Lamm (1904–1989), Swedish electrical engineer
  • Wendy Sue Lamm (born 1964), American photographer and photojournalist
  • Yosef-Michael Lamm (1899–1976), Israeli judge and politician
  • Nickolay Lamm, graphic artist and researcher. His work is regularly featured in The Huffington Post. Articles based on his work have also appeared in The Atlantic and the Los Angeles Times.
  • Peder Lamm (born 1970), Swedish antiques expert and television personality, best known for his work at Otroligt antikt which is broadcast on SVT. Besides Otroligt antikt Lamm has also participated in På spåret, Extra Extra and Kockduellen