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Leth is a Danish surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Harald Leth (1899–1986), Danish painter
  • Jan Leth (1932–2010), Danish artist
  • Jørgen Leth (born 1937), Danish poet and film director
  • Julie Leth (born 1992), Danish cyclist
  • Marie Gudme Leth (1895–1997), Danish textile printer

Usage examples of "leth".

Leth, Governor of Aramoor province, waited impatiently for King Tassis Gayle to conclude his last encounter with his daughter.

Alazrian had been too concerned about his mother to take much notice, but Leth was away from the castle often these days, and messengers from King Tassis Gayle were frequent.

For the treasonous speeches he has given, for the slander of our good rulers Elrad Leth and Tassis Gayle, and for his constant refusal to act for the good of Aramoor, Del Lotts will be beheaded.