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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Leno \Le"no\ (l[=e]"n[-o]), n. [Cf. It. leno weak, flexible.] A light open cotton fabric used for window curtains.


n. (context textiles English) A type of weave used to make light, open cotton fabric used for window curtains.

Leno (disambiguation)

Jay Leno (born 1950) is an American comedian and talk show host.

Leno may also refer to:

  • Leno (surname)
  • Leno, Italy
  • Leno (stream)
  • Leno weave a pattern in weaving
  • Leno, a stock character in theatre of ancient Rome who is a slave dealer or pimp
  • Poor Leno, a song by Norwegian duo Röyksopp
Leno (stream)

The Leno ( GermanLeimbach) is the last of the main tributaries of the Adige river, at a confluence on its left bank near the town of Rovereto. It is actually formed of 2 water-courses:

  • the Leno of Vallarsa (what is properly called the Leno)
  • the Leno of Terragnolo, flowing to the left of the main branch, with which it joins a short distance upstream from the settlement of Rovereto, near the comune of Trambileno.

The Leno's basin is solely in Trentino, and passes through the communes of Vallarsa, Terragnolo, Trambileno and Rovereto.


Leño was a Spanish hard rock band created in 1978 in Madrid.

The band members were Rosendo Mercado as guitarist and vocalist, Chiqui Mariscal as bassist and Ramiro Penas on drums. When they started to record their first album Leño, Chiqui Mariscal left the band and Tony Urbano entry as the new bassist in order to complete the recording. This line up would continue until their break-up in 1983 at their peak of popularity. In 2012 the band was ranked number 13 on Rolling Stone's "50 Greatest Spanish rock bands".

Leno (surname)

Leno is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Bernd Leno (born 1992), German footballer
  • Dan Leno (1860–1904), English music hall comedian
  • Jay Leno (born 1950), American comedian, actor, voice actor, writer, producer and television host
  • John Bedford Leno (1826–1894), English radical activist
  • Mark Leno (born 1951), United States politician
Leño (album)

Leño is the first studio album by Spanish hard rock band Leño. It was produced by Teddy Bautista and published by Chapa Discos in 1979.

During the recording, bassist Chiqui Mariscal left the band and was replaced by Tony Urbano as shown at the cover of the album.

It was ranked as the 106th best rock en español album ever according to American magazine Al Borde. The Spanish magazine Efe Eme ranked Leño as the 72nd best Spanish rock album ever.

Usage examples of "leno".

Do one in Keno, or maybe Leno, the scientific language, and make it a properly formatted scientific paper.

On the mutilation of Leno LaBianca: After murdering Rosemary, Katie remembered seeing Leno lying on the floor in the living room.

Comedy Store were playgrounds for Andy Kaufman, David Letterman, Elayne Boosler, Jay Leno, Larry Miller, Paul Reiser, Richard Lewis, Robin Williams, Roseanne Barr, and Jerry Seinfeld.

No Letterman, Leno, and Beavis and Butt-head, NordicTrack commercials.