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Lekh may refer to:

  • Desh Vibhag Lekh, the last and final lekh (testament) of Swaminarayan
  • Lekh (film), a 1949 Indian film
  • Tegh, Armenia - formerly Lekh
  • Lekh (Nepali) - a ridge or mountain high enough to hold winter but not summer snow
Lekh (Nepali)

Lekh ( Nepali: ) is a term used in Nepali and other Pahari dialects to describe a mountain or minor range rising into the subalpine (above about or alpine zones (above about ); either climate zone being sufficiently cool to hold snow in winter but not through the summer. A prominent mountain or range high enough to be snow-covered all year -— generally rising above —- would be called an , instead.