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n. (context music English) The term for tempo in Indian music.


Laya or Layah may refer to:

Laya (actress)

Laya Gorty is a Telugu film actress and a Kuchipudi dancer. Her debut film as child actor is Bhadram Koduko in 1992. Later, she started as an actress with Telugu film Swayamvaram in 1999 along with another popular actor, Venu in 1999. She went on to act in about 40 Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam films.

Usage examples of "laya".

That was the night Laya had announced her betrothal to a wealthy widower named Hakkardi, whose farm was a mile north of the hamlet.

Thus it was that Hope went on one more special mission: to Laya, to persuade it to agree.

And while they barred her entry, the people of Laya rose up as one, their car-bubbles massing against the city of Hasa.

The people of Laya had made known their sentiment and saved face for their province.

The veto of Laya was reversed, and the lives of the Prince and Princess were saved.

Panchen of Laya, despite the urgent plea of the Premier of the Middle Kingdom.

So we took a plane directly to Laya, just the three of us, making the dramatic play.