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Lein (Kocher)

'''Lein (Kocher) ''' is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Lein (Neckar)

'''Lein (Neckar) ''' is a river of Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

Usage examples of "lein".

Wayne and Kenny, both twenty, and Toody, eighteen, all three on Lein for B and E, assault, felony firearms.

Eleanor Marsh came back with a Lein printout for Carl Fontana, his home address and phone number.

When we re-read Hein-1 lein, we find increasingly that there is much more.

He had risen rapidly through the ranks, until he made his stupid mistake on Lein III.

He had switched over to the security arm that administered outposts like this, after the incident on Lein III, and found it much to his liking.

And he had not felt so frustrated since just before the disastrous events on Lein III, when he had tried to overthrow a planetary government against all the rules of the Federation.

One thing the disaster on Lein III had taught him was to never leave any evidence behind, and here was Granfell suggesting that he do exactly that.

He got into some sort of trouble when he was Adjutant on Lein III, and was sent to Darkover in disgrace.

Visions of centipedes began to rise in his mind, the sort that were common on Lein III.

Most of them wore the green and brown of Tuath Gabair, though there were a few with the red and white of Tuath Airgialla, or the blue and black of Tuath Locha Lein.