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n. 1 (plural of leg English) 2 (context bingo English) eleven 3 viscous streaks left on the inside of the glass when certain wines are swirled around before taste vb. (en-third-person singular of: leg)


n. staying power; "that old Broadway play really has legs"

Legs (novel)

Legs is a 1975 novel by William Kennedy. It is the first book in Kennedy's Albany Cycle.

Legs (song)

"Legs" is a song performed by the band ZZ Top from their 1983 album Eliminator. The song was released as a single in 1984 and reached number eight on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States. The dance mix version of the song peaked at number thirteen on the dance charts. Although all three members of ZZ Top are credited with playing on the track, only Gibbons was actually present; engineer Terry Manning was responsible for all the musical parts save the lead guitar. However, David Blayney (ZZ Top stage manager for 15 years) explains in his book Sharp Dressed Men that the pumping synthesizer effect in "Legs" was introduced in pre-production by Linden Hudson. During the final tracking sessions, Terry Manning (final Eliminator tracking engineer) called Linden Hudson and asked how he did the synth effects for "Legs", although Terry could have easily pulled it off if he needed to. The single remix of “Legs" is much more synthesizer-driven than the album version. Although you can hear a synthesizer throughout the album version, it is toned down. There is also a three-note guitar riff heard throughout most of the album version of "Legs", and it is a minute longer than the single version.

Legs (film)

Legs is a 1983 television musical drama film starring Shanna Reed, Deborah Geffner, Lawrence Leritz, David Marshall Grant, Maureen Teefy, and Gwen Verdon. It was directed by Jerrold Freedman and written by Freedman and Brian Garfield. The film was retitled Rockettes for its UK video release.

This film was Gwen Verdon's television film debut and using the talents of the 1982 Rockettes was partially filmed on stage at Radio City Music Hall. The film had several public screenings there prior to its television release.

Legs (Chinese constellation)

The Legs mansion (奎宿, pinyin: Kuí Xiù) is one of the Twenty-eight mansions of the Chinese constellations. It is one of the western mansions of the White Tiger.

Legs (comics)

__NOTOC__ Legs is a fictional character in the who appeared as a supporting character in various "Batman" related comics during the 80s and 90s. Co-created by writers John Wagner and Alan Grant, and artist Norm Breyfogle, he first appeared in Detective Comics #587 (June 1988).

Legs was created during Detective Comics debut of Wagner and Grant, co-writers established for their work on Judge Dredd comics for 2000 AD. However, due to poor sales of their comics within months of their debut, which left both men questioning the viability of their new jobs, Wagner soon left the project alone to Grant. Concerned that he would be fired if his editors learned the writing team had split, Grant alerted no one to the change, and decided to continue writing stories in the pattern of the first for the duration of his original contract. Now a regular writer for Detective Comics and other Batman-related titles during this time period, Grant made frequent use of Legs as an ally for the anarchist themed character, Anarky. Legs is shown to be loyal to Anarky as a vigilante, who in turn employs Legs and other homeless men to act as diversions or spies against Batman. As such, the two characters appear together prominently in Batman: Anarky, a trade paperback collection of comics written by Grant.

Legs is characterized as a homeless Vietnam veteran and resident of the streets of Gotham City. Holding strong views, the character is described as being prone to frustration, anger, and alcoholism, and frequently argues with other homeless men. Legs is ironically named for his missing limbs, which he is described as having lost due to an anti-personnel mine explosion in the Vietnam War in Detective Comics #608 (November 1989). Crippled and unable to afford a wheelchair, he is shown to move about in a wheeled tray.

The character has not appeared in published material since the departure of Alan Grant from DC Comics in 2000, and has fallen into obscurity.

Usage examples of "legs".

Lately George has been spending days here but nights between the legs of his Cathy.

Four men stood, two on either side of the table, holding my arms and legs immobile.

One raised up your hips and slid underneath them, his body reversed under yours, your legs spread past his arms.

There he hooked legs into the ladder and stopped each of the arriving items, catching them easily in chest and arms, leaving them hanging somehow in the air, motionless beside the ladder.

A dead tree stood in the middle distance with a female back pressed against it, arms trussed overhead around the trunk, legs staked back and spread conveniently.

He did not know how long he stood in External Hall, locking her in his arms as he was locked in her arms and legs, her tongues searching him along three avenues.

He drew arms to sides and straightened legs, then stood up and extended his hand.

Zack now stood before the right-hand woman, knees together, legs slightly bent, his hips oscillating rhythmically.

Off to his right stood a silvery machine within its cluster of arms and legs, seeming very much a huge spider, with two other such machines behind it.

She sat on the bed, still quite naked, legs splayed out in his direction, leaning back on hands stretched out behind her.

As he chuckled she took him around the neck and hoisted herself to wrap legs about his hips.

She raised her legs and wrapped them around his hips, her hands remaining between them.

She lay on her back as promised, legs wide spread, hands clasped behind her head, lips parted, eyes bright with mischief.

At last he stood facing the tiny group, legs apart, hands locked behind his back, oblivious of his nakedness.

His hands were on my arse and between my legs while I knelt to help Alden.