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n. (plural of lab English)


Labs, labs, or LABS may carry the following meanings:

  • labs, a function that calculates the absolute value of a long integer in the C programming language
  • Labs (people), the inhabitants of the Labëria region in Albania
  • Low Altitude Bombing System, used by some US nuclear-equipped aircraft for toss bombing
  • Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate, a salt of a linear alkylbenzenesulfonic acid, used as an anionic surfactant: for example, sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate

Usage examples of "labs".

Ackerman Labs offered a rather weak denial, shifting blame, as always, to greedy trial lawyers, though the company appeared to be hunkering down.

Step two would be a settlement conference with Ackerman Labs in sixty days.

My client has the witnesses and the documents to prove that Ackerman Labs has known of the potential problems for at least the past six months.

He represented Ackerman Labs and insisted that the ads be stopped immediately.

When you sue companies like Ackerman Labs and any of those Fortune 500 outfits, you gotta have some ammunition, some clout.

But if we put your cases with mine, combine everything into one class action, and move it to Mississippi, then Ackerman Labs will have one, huge, massive corporate coronary.

I'll front the money for the urinalyses, all of it, and we'll make Ackerman Labs reimburse us when we settle.

Two more medical studies were published, one of which argued convincingly that Ackerman Labs cut corners on its research and pulled every string it had to get the drug approved.

He had a vague notion that Ackerman Labs had much more cash than it was showing.

Food and wine were enjoyed for about five minutes until Albert from Topeka suggested the strategy of forcing Ackerman Labs into bankruptcy.

EASTERN TIME, Philo Products announced it would buy the outstanding common stock of Ackerman Labs for $50 a share, a merger with a price tag of $14 billion.

CNN scrambled reporters to White Plains, New York, headquarters of Ackerman Labs, where they loitered by the front gate as if the beleaguered company might step forward and weep for the cameras.

Finally, the folks at Ackerman Labs were getting to see in person this young upstart from D.

Your class-action claim against Ackerman Labs has been settled in the U.

He assumed he was a lawyer, probably from a big firm, probably a big firm that represented big corporations like Ackerman Labs, and he knew before the sentence was finished that the false praise was driven by envy.