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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Couscous \Cous"cous`\ (k??s"k??s`), n. A kind of food used by the natives of Western Africa, made of millet flour with flesh, and leaves of the baobab; -- called also lalo.


n. The powdered leaf of the baobab tree, used in soups in Africa.


Lalo may refer to:

Usage examples of "lalo".

Apparently Lalo had jostled the table in passing and the occupants had taken umbrage at his clumsiness.

With that exclamation, Bent Nose charged, sword uplifted to split Lalo like a stick of kindling.

The three of them finished the bottle of wine and then parted, Lalo warning Conan to take care on his journey.

Even when you knew about the curse, Lalo tended to grate upon the nerves in a hurry.

Conan and Tull held their silence for a moment, waiting for Lalo to add an insult, but none was forthcoming.

Conan suspected that should the plant be so foolish as to snare Lalo, likely it would choke upon him.

Elashi and Lalo proved to be an embarrassment of riches: had they a pack animal, they could have loaded it with booty until it staggered from the weight.

Though it was difficult to tell precisely in the greenish light, there appeared to be rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, fire agates, opals, and pearls, according to Lalo, who claimed to have knowledge of such things.

Fortunately, the worms did not appear to see Elashi and Lalo as the latter pair ducked around the corner.

Tull had been waiting at the rendevouz point but a few moments when Elashi and Lalo arrived, each bearing two bulging sacks.

Elashi, and Lalo stared at the fallen gems for a moment, then reluctantly followed the out-lander.

Conan then that the voice he heard, which was most definitely that of Lalo, had not reached him through his hearing but had arisen from within his head, much as the voice of the Webspinner had done earlier.

He had heard Lalo speak, but he was certain that the speech within his head was in fact what the grinning man was truly thinking when he had made the rude comment.

Of course he was not so witty as Lalo, who despite his curse, seemed a most clever companion.

Elashi picked up the magical rod and scurried back toward Lalo and Tull.