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Frederick Lenn had sailed his ship beneath the proud shadow of Lady Liberty in New York Harbor and down the Eastern Seaboard of the United States.

Captain Lenn looked back across the mountain of trash that was mounded behind him.

Besides Frederick Lenn and his first officer there were only two other crewmen that served aboard 12-837.

As he reached for the radio, Captain Lenn continued to monitor the other scow.

When his helmsman slipped and fell against the rail, Captain Lenn dragged the kid back to his feet by his shirt collar.

Captain Lenn caught a mouthful of rotting garbage before he and his panicked crew were swept into the churning sea.

Captain Frederick Lenn swung gently in the fissure that had split his beloved ship.

He was sure she had asked for tales about Lenn and Salya to put a burr under his shirt.

Exec, Lenn Massey, and his Operations Officer, Art Ely, conferred with Jim Gray.