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Lawi (musician)

LAWI is a young Malawian artist on an exciting journey. In two short years since his debut release Lawi is a popular artist on radio, live (both in Malawi and across the world) and on social media. Lawi has won an award from Malawi’s music industry, is a nominee for the All Africa Music Awards and is actively involved in charity work and various developmental programs in Malawi. Lawi was born Francis Chris Phiri in Blantyre, Malawi in 1986. Lawi is an abbreviation of Nzululwazi, "custodian of wisdom" in the Ngoni language. "My parents had high hopes!" says Lawi with a smile. "Many of us Malawians have grown up with an inferiority complex in relation to our place in the world. I love sharing Malawi’s cultural flavour on stage. There is more to Malawi than the famous lake! We have so much to contribute to the world artistically so I am proud to present what we have for all to enjoy.