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LCVP (United Kingdom)

The Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel (LCVP) is a versatile amphibious landing craft designed to transport troops or armoured vehicles from ship to shore during amphibious landings. The designation was first used in British service for the LCVP Mk2s introduced with the two Fearless class amphibious transport docks, the role having previously been carried out by the Landing Craft Assault developed during the Second World War. They are manned and operated by 1 Assault Group Royal Marines.


LCVP can refer to

  • Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme, an Irish education programme
  • Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel, a small military vessel for transfers from ship to shore during amphibious landings.
    • LCVP (Australia), modern Australian LCVP
    • LCVP (United Kingdom), modern British LCVP
    • LCVP (United States), the World War II craft used by the Allies