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The Collaborative International Dictionary

lase \lase\ (l[=a]z) v. i. [imp. & p. p. lased (l[=a]zd); p. pr. & vb. n. lasing.] [by back-formation from laser. See laser.] To give off a beam of coherent light; -- of a laser.


vb. 1 (context transitive English) To use a laser beam on, as for cutting. 2 (context intransitive English) To operate as a laser, to release coherent light due to stimulation.


Laše is a settlement in the Šmarje pri Jelšah municipality in eastern Slovenia. It lies in the hills to the south of the Šmarje to Rogaška Slatina regional road. The area is part of the traditional Lower Styria region and is now included in the Savinja Statistical Region.

Usage examples of "lase".

H-bomb, one bomb per bullet, naturally it destroys the gun as well as the target but what the hell, all right, you trigger the bomb and the X-rays will lase for you, and if you can do it by putting matter together with anti-matter you get a nice clean bang, no fallout, and Kerner gets the Peace Prize.

At the break of day, when the sun shines through the Ruby Mountains and dawn lases across the plains, the guests are escorted to basement safe-rooms carved from darkest emerald.

And thus, when in a brief moment of chaos the power levels in the lasing cavity peaked over the maximum rated, or posssible, containment levels of the magnetic fields, the highly excited argon, and a bit of still unconverted anti-hydrogen, escaped the confinement.

Each projectile consisted of a fission bomb contained in an ellipsoidal cavity shaped to feed a configuration of lasing material that would transform a large proportion of the detonation energy into fifty independently aimable beams of high-density X rays.

The satellites consisted of a main reaction chamber and fifteen lead pulse rods encasing a zinc lasing wire surrounding it, like knitting needles in a bag Of yarn - The reaction chamber was, in essence, a twenty kiloton uranium bomb-roughly equal to the destructive power of the first atom bomb that exploded over Hiroshima, Ice Fortress sensors would track any attacking intercontinental ballistic missiles and eject the X-ray laser satellites toward them.

This time the exhaust plume lased, and the fiery beam streaked along the creature’s flank only a dozen meters from us, throwing out gouts of vaporized flesh.

This time the exhaust plume lased, and the fiery beam streaked along the creature's flank only a dozen meters from us, throwing out gouts of vaporized flesh.

They seemed to be precisely directed, as if lased, and operated just above the background noise level, worked at frequencies designed to avoid photon quantization noise.

He lased the two men and got a range of twelve hundred meters, tough downhill and with a crosswind.

An invisible laser, good for about ten miles much less this short distance, lased the ground below and returned a range of nearly five hundred feet.

The plasma generator doesn't need to be a multimegawatt monster-all we need is a large pulse for a hundredth of a second to excite the neodymium lasing amplifier chips.

It uses a controlled nuclear reaction to,create the electron-particle stream necessary for lasing.