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Lawa or Lawas may refer to:

  • Lawa people, an ethnic group of Laos and northern Thailand
  • Lawa language, spoken by the Lawa people
  • Los Angeles World Airports, the commission for airports in Los Angeles, United States
  • Lawa dance, traditional dance in Togo

Usage examples of "lawa".

Caufield, in her work, In The Rainforest, tells of the Lawa living in the rainforest of northern Thailand bordering Burma.

As Caufield describes them, the Lawa are shifting cultivators who live in settled villages and have been in the same place for many centuries.

Britain, of course imports 60 percent of the fresh fruit, 20 percent of the grain, and 23 percent of the meat its people consume, whereas the Lawa are self-sufficient in food.

Now comes the news that the security guard, Hugo Nilo Salazar, has himself been in previous scrapes with the lawa disclosure that seems to come as no shock to state licensing officials.

He would have to learn a great deal about the lawa welcome challengeand he would still be required to investigate difficult cases.

The Western Culture developed as a part of its international lawa law governing neutrality.

But then they became the only ends, somehow, and the only basis of lawa perversion.

This deadline is popularly known as the safe-harbor provision of federal lawa provision that came to play a pivotal role in the 2000 presidential election.