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You see empty boxes where you need to type the initial letters you know. You can choose any length of words or specify the exact number of letters in the word using the “plus” and “minus” options located at the side. The result will be a list of words presented in blocks depending on the number of letters. There will be simple words, abbreviated words, syntactic words and independent parts of speech.

h&c h&h h&i h&k h&m h&p h&r h&s h&w h'm h's h-i h/c h/o h/t h2h h2o h2s ha! ha' haa hab hac had hae haf hag hah hai haj hak hal ham han hao hap haq har has hat hau hav haw hax hay haz hba hbb hbc hbd hbe hbf hbg hbh hbi hbj hbk hbl hbm hbn hbo hbp hbr hbs hbt hbu hbv hbw hbx hby hbz hca hcb hcc hcd hce hcf hcg hch hci hcj hck hcl hcm hcn hco hcp hcr hcs hct hcv hcw hcy hd+ hda hdb hdc hdd hde hdf hdg hdh hdi hdk hdl hdm hdn hdo hdp hdr hds hdt hdu hdv hdw hdx hdy hdz he- hea heb hec hed hee hef heg heh hei hej hek hel hem hen heo hep her hes het heu hev hew hex hey hez hfa hfb hfc hfd hfe hff hfg hfh hfi hfk hfl hfm hfn hfo hfp hfr hfs hft hfu hfv hfw hfy hga hgb hgc hge hgf hgg hgh hgi hgk hgl hgm hgn hgo hgp hgr hgs hgt hgu hgv hgw hgy hha hhb hhc hhd hhe hhf hhg hhh hhi hhj hhk hhl hhm hhn hho hhp hhr hhs hht hhu hhv hhw hhy hhz hia hib hic hid hie hif hig hih hii hij hik hil him hin hio hip hiq hir his hit hiu hiv hiw hix hja hji hjk hjl hjm hjn hjo hjp hjr hjs hjt hjv hka hkb hkd hkf hkg hkh hki hkk hkl hkm hkn hko hkp hkr hks hkt hku hkw hla hlb hlc hld hle hlf hlg hlh hli hll hlm hln hlo hlp hlr hls hlt hlu hlv hlw hlx hly hlz hma hmb hmc hmd hme hmf hmg hmh hmi hmj hmk hml hmm hmo hmp hmr hms hmt hmu hmv hmw hmx hmy hmz hna hnb hnc hnd hne hnf hng hnh hnj hnk hnl hnn hno hns hnt hnu hnv hnw hny hnz ho! hoa hob hoc hod hoe hof hog hoh hoi hok hol hom hon hoo hop hor hos hot hou hov how hox hoy hpa hpb hpc hpd hpe hpf hpg hph hpi hpj hpk hpl hpm hpn hpo hpp hpq hpr hps hpt hpu hpv hpw hpy hqm hqs hqx hr- hr. hra hrb hrc hrd hre hrf hrg hrh hri hrj hrk hrl hrm hrn hro hrp hrr hrs hrt hru hrv hrw hrz hs1 hs2 hsa hsb hsc hsd hse hsf hsg hsh hsi hsj hsk hsl hsm hsn hsp hsq hsr hss hst hsu hsv hsw hsx hsy hsz hta htb htc htd hte htf htg hth hti htj htk htl htm htn hto htp htr hts htt htv htw htx hty htz hua hub huc hud hue huf hug huh hui huj huk hul hum hun huo hup huq hur hus hut huu huv huw hux huy huz hv- hva hvb hvc hvd hvf hvg hvj hvk hvl hvm hvn hvo hvp hvr hvs hvt hvv hvx hvy hw- hwa hwb hwd hwe hwf hwg hwi hwk hwl hwm hwn hwo hwp hwr hws hwt hwu hwv hww hwy hwz hxc hxd hxl hxm hy- hya hyb hyc hyd hye hyg hyh hyi hyl hym hyn hyo hyp hyr hys hyt hyv hyw hyy hzd hze hzl hzo hzp hzs hzt hzy

Word usage examples

Mayre of London sende, by the good a-vyse and consent of craftys, sent sowdyers to Calys, for hyt was sayde that the Duke of Burgone lay sege unto Calis.

Gode gyffe us alle grace, to yelde dew thankes to our Lorde Gode, Gode of Inglonde, for verely he hathe shoyd hym selff Gode of Inglond, or rather an Inglyssh Gode, yf we consydyr and pondyr welle alle hys procedynges with us from tyme to tyme.

he's a great man, hys is, but they never found out until it was too late.

he had been afraid to use the radio, and had wanted to tell hys in person, and to show him the tape.

Even before he contacted the Nyjord fleet he must tell hys and his rebel army what had happened to Telt and his sand car.

They couldn't be checked against the records now to see how important they might be, but hys might make another raid on the strength of the suspicion.

he tried to call hys again, and was relieved to get a response this time.

A little while ago I admitted to hys too that he was probably right in his original estimation of the correct way to tackle the problem of Dis.

And I know where the cobalt bombs are--in the magter tower that hys raided last night.

Beyond him, hys wore his most cynical expression as he considered the frailties of his people.