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HLA may refer to:

HLA (radio station)

HLA is a time signal radio station in Daejeon, South Korea, operated by the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science. Established on November 24, 1984, it transmits a 2 kW signal on 5 MHz (±0.01 Hz). Originally only transmitted for 7 hours per day (01:00–08:00), 5 days per week (M–F), it is continuous as of 2011. There are over 100 users of the signal in Korea.

It broadcasts a time signal similar to that of the WWV and WWVH stations with which it shares a frequency:

  • Second pulses are 5 ms (9 cycles) of 1800 Hz, beginning on the second
  • Seconds 29 and 59 are omitted
  • Minute markers are 800 ms of the same frequency
  • Hour markers are 800 ms of 1500 Hz
  • DUT1 is encoded using doubled pulses
  • Voice time announcements are made after second 52
  • A time code is transmitted on a 100 Hz subcarrier
HLA (journal)

HLA (formerly known as Tissue Antigens) is a peer-reviewed scientific journal established in 1971. It covers research on allergy and immunology. It is published monthly by John Wiley & Sons and is the official journal of the European Federation for Immunogenetics. In 2016 in changed its name from Tissue Antigens to HLA.