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In the Book of Genesis, Hul ( Ḥūl) is the son of Aram, son of Shem. According to the 1st century Jewish historian Flavius Josephus, he founded Armenia.

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Usage examples of "hul".

The guests: Ruth Hotte and Ed Huling and Deborah Gore Dean and Barbara Raskin and Deborah Tannen and Donna Shalala and Hillary Clinton and Muffy Jeepson Stout.

Then, as they entered the front door into a large living room with a broad stairway beyond, Huling spied his pipe on an ash stand and promptly reclaimed it.

When Pauline showed her to her room and Tilson brought her bags from the car, Margo bowed a good-night to the others and Huling waved cheerily through a cloud of pipe smoke.

It left Zelda free to drive anywhere she wanted in her own car, while Huling was equally free to ramble over the estate.

Neither the secretary nor the chauffeur was in the living room, but Brent Huling was there, wearing his usual walking attire.

When he returned, Zelda was telling Tilson and Huling what she and Margo had overheard.

Tilson decided that would just allow time to bring in the remaining file cabinets, and Huling volunteered to help.

Before the sheriff could quiz Huling further, two deputies came in with a baldish, scared-looking man who was trying to stammer explanations.

Cobley was pointing straight at Huling, who gave a shrug and spread his hands in acknowledgment.

Hul Qat closed his eyes, and even without using the Force, Tahiri felt him leave.

Elite, led by Lin Dixon, combed the villages of Hul, Rhinea, Balt and Jost to the south and west of Boreas, going door to door, barn to barn, field to field, pond to pond.

From there the river flowed between the ridge and a high hul across the water, but there was enough lowland riverbank to ndc j around the base of the high rocky point.

The gravitic interdiction of one of the triangle ships in orbit above the worldship was keeping his dovin basals from maneuvering Domain Hul out of Lu-sankya's path.

The Hul pilot banked away more sharply, his voids intercepting the incoming plasma, and then rolled into a maneuver designed to swing him around behind Charat Kraal.