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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

imitation of the sound of hiccuping, attested by 1883 (see hiccup).


interj. An approximation to the sound of a hiccup, used e.g. to indicate drunkenness.


HIC may refer to:

  • Habitat International Coalition
  • Head injury criterion, a measure of the likelihood of head injury generated by crash tests
  • Henry Ian Cusick, an actor
  • Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia, a complication of heparin used post surgery.
  • HiC, a C++ compiler and integrated development environment
  • Hipparcos Input Catalogue, an astronomical catalogue
  • Hot in Cleveland, a TV series
  • United Nations Humanitarian Information Centers
  • Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography, a chemistry technique
  • Hydraulic Integrated Circuit, a complex valve made with modular hydraulic valves into a single block

Hic may refer to:

  • The onomatopoeia for the sound made when hiccuping

Usage examples of "hic".

With Calamy and Williamson, that makes six of the little beasts, and although I can teach them navigation when things are quiet and beat them whenever they need it, it seems a poor shabby thing to send them out into the world without a notion of history or French or hic haec hoc.

Priami fatorum, hic exitus ilium sorte tulit Troiam incensam et prolapsa videntem Pergama, tot quondam populis terrisque superbum regnatorem Asiae.

Hic prope Chaucerum situs est Spenserius, illi Proximus ingenio proximus ut tumulo.

Magnus hic apud eos, interque reges eorum tum virtute tum majestate eminens .

Hic sinu fessum caput hospitali Cespitis dormit juvenis, nec illi Fata ridebant, popularis ille Nescius aurae.

Is cum animadvertisset perpetuam esse paludem, quae influeret in Sequanam atque illum omnem locum magnopere impediret, hic consedit nostrosque transitu prohibere instituit.

Hic ante Apollinem ex oraculo in monte Parnasso responsa dare solitus est.

Venit enim mihi Plato in mentem, quem accepimus primum hic disputare solitum: cuius etiam illi hortuli propinqui non memoriam solum mihi afferunt, sed ipsum videntur in conspectu meo hic ponere.

We think Hic may be from the late Pleistocene or early Holocene and got his charge in some cataclysm that was dramatic enough to make a Neanderthal aware.

Avertit hic casus vaginam et gladium educere conanti dextram moratur manum, impeditumque hostes circumsistunt.

On each brutal brow was plainly written the hic jacet of a soul dead within.

Sed tuus hic populus muris defossa vetustis Calcis in obsequium marmora dura coquit.

Petri hic humasset, nequaquam nos Romani pontifices sic subjugassent, (Agnellus, Liber Pontificalis, in Scriptores Rerum Ital.