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Hel (being)

In Norse mythology, Hel is a being who presides over a realm of the same name, where she receives a portion of the dead. Hel is attested in the Poetic Edda, compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and the Prose Edda, written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson. In addition, she is mentioned in poems recorded in Heimskringla and Egils saga that date from the 9th and 10th centuries, respectively. An episode in the Latin work Gesta Danorum, written in the 12th century by Saxo Grammaticus, is generally considered to refer to Hel, and Hel may appear on various Migration Period bracteates.

In the Poetic Edda, Prose Edda, and Heimskringla, Hel is referred to as a daughter of Loki, and to "go to Hel" is to die. In the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning, Hel is described as having been appointed by the god Odin as ruler of a realm of the same name, located in Niflheim. In the same source, her appearance is described as half blue and half flesh-coloured and further as having a gloomy, downcast appearance. The Prose Edda details that Hel rules over vast mansions with many servants in her underworld realm and plays a key role in the attempted resurrection of the god Baldr.

Scholarly theories have been proposed about Hel's potential connections to figures appearing in the 11th-century Old English Gospel of Nicodemus and Old Norse Bartholomeus saga postola, that she may have been considered a goddess with potential Indo-European parallels in Bhavani, Kali, and Mahakali or that Hel may have become a being only as a late personification of the location of the same name.

Hel (location)

In Norse mythology, Hel, the location, shares a name with Hel, a female figure associated with the location. In late Icelandic sources, varying descriptions of Hel are given and various figures are described as being buried with items that will facilitate their journey to Hel after their death. In the Poetic Edda, Brynhildr's trip to Hel after her death is described and Odin, while alive, also visits Hel upon his horse Sleipnir. In Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda, Baldr goes to Hel on his death and subsequently Hermóðr uses Sleipnir to attempt to retrieve him. "Hel-shoes" are described in Gísla saga.


Hel or HEL may refer to:

In arts and entertainment:

  • Hel (band), a Swedish band
  • Hel (Metropolis), a character in the 1927 film Metropolis
  • Club Hel, a location in the Matrix series


  • Hel Peninsula, on the Polish Baltic coast
    • Hel, Poland, a town on the Hel Peninsula
    • Hel Fortified Area, a fortress and naval base on the Hel peninsula
  • Helsinki Airport (IATA code HEL)
  • Hensall railway station, England (National Rail station code HEL)

In science and technology:

  • Hardware Emulation Layer, in integrated circuitry
  • High energy laser, a weapon
  • High energy light

Other uses:

  • Hel (location), a location in Norse mythology
  • Hel (being), ruler of Hel, the location in Norse mythology
  • Hel, a battle-axe used by Magnus the Good of Norway
  • Home equity loan, in finance
Hel (band)

Hel is a Swedish viking rock band, based in Eskilstuna, Södermanland. The band's name is derived from the Norse goddess Hel.

Usage examples of "hel".

The good-looking woman in her late twenties was on the scene in an instant, apologizing to Hel and admonishing the child all at the same time.

Of met Mefistofeles, een ingehouden man met droge ogen voor wie het diepste van de hel bekend was en die geen emoties kende.

Unnerving, because Hel was now totally dependent on the cable, after ninety minutes of negotiating the narrow, twisting shaft with its bottlenecks, narrow ledges, tricky dihedrons, and tight passages down which he had to ease himself gingerly, never surrendering to gravity because the cable was slack to give him maneuvering freedom.

Now that he considered it, Hel found a certain resemblance between the two, the narrow face, the intense black eyes set rather close together, the falciform nose, the thin upper lip and heavy, bloodless lower, a certain intensity of manner.

I haue longe mused by my self of the sore confounded and vncertayne cours of mannys lyfe, and thinges therto belonginge: at the last I haue by my vigilant meditacion found and noted many degrees of errours: wherby mankynd wandreth from the way of trouth I haue also noted that many wyse men and wel lettred haue writen right fruteful doctrines: wherby they haue heled these dyseses and intollerable perturbacions of the mynde: and the goostly woundes therof, moche better than Esculapius which was fyrst Inuentour of Phesyke and amonge the Gentyles worshypped as a God.

And Mager Blakes horses went by jest lickety larup for the Torrent ingine house with old Brown driving, and then Flunk Ham came piling into the church and said, give me that roap and he puled like time, then sum peeple came runing in and said where is the fire, and Flunk he said we dident know, and then we herd the ingine and went out and they was the Torrent and the fountain and lots of men, and they said where in hel is the fire and nobody knowed where it was.

Hel felt her aura take on a leporine palpitation between the urge to flee and fear of movement.

Hel sat neckdeep in the Japanese wooden tub filled with water so hot that lowering himself into it had been an experience on the limen between pain and pleasure.

Now shal you know all the estate of our house, now shal you know the hidden secrets of my mistres, unto whome the powers of hel do obey, and by whom the celestial planets are troubled, the gods made weake, and the elements subdued, neither is the violence of her art in more strength and force, than when she espieth some comly young man that pleaseth her fancie, as oftentimes it hapneth, for now she loveth one Boetian a fair and beautiful person, on whom she employes al her sorcerie and enchantment, and I heard her say with mine own ears yester night, that if the Sun had not then presently gon downe, and the night come to minister convenient time to worke her magicall enticements, she would have brought perpetuall darkness over all the world her selfe.

If Hel has to be terminated to assure the success of the Septembrists skyjacking then, yes, I shall take some personal satisfaction in that.

He waited attentively and vigilantly to see if this young wildling, the son of Joh Fredersen and Hel, had had enough at last, or if he would pull himself together once more for the fight against nothing.

Considering their barbaric nature, I think they would be mollified if we took vengeance on their behalf by destroying Nicholai Hel and everything he possesses.

Hirum Mingo said Plupy says he can lick you Ti and Ti said i can nock hel out of you old spindel legs and i said i dident say so and Ti he swoar sum more so it sort of scart me, well then i was going and Hirum he pushed Ti rite into me and he kicked me in the leg and got hold of my hair and i got the under hold and got him down jest as esy as ennything and then i set on him and lammed him til he holered enuf and then i let him up and he went home balling.

Following the instructions posted on the bulletin board across from the desk, Hel confirmed the three-day casita reservation for a Mr.

Hel removed her casita key from her pocket and inserted it into the mailroom door.