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n. (plural of hr English); hours


HRS may refer to:

  • Copenhagen Hospitality College (Danish: )
  • Croatian Amateur Radio Association (Croatian: )
  • Croatian Handball Federation (Croatian: )
  • Head-Royce School, in Oakland, California
  • Health and Retirement Study, a research study
  • Heart Rhythm Society, an international educational organization
  • Helena Romanes School and Sixth Form Centre, in Essex, England
  • Hepatorenal syndrome
  • Historical Records Survey, a New Deal project in the United States
  • House Rabbit Society, an American animal rescue
  • Hot rolled steel
  • HRS antenna
  • Human Rights Service, a Norwegian think tank
  • Hydraulics Research Station, of the British Department of Scientific and Industrial Research
  • Sikorsky HRS, a helicopter

Usage examples of "hrs".

These were then placed with their footstalks in water, and after 23 hrs.

In the third bladder, the quadrifids included distinctly visible granules, and the primordial utricle was a little shrunk after only 8 hrs.

A leaf placed in milk had the contents of its cells somewhat aggregated in 1 hr. Two other leaves, one immersed in human saliva for 2 hrs.

When however a leaf becomes quickly inflected in water, as sometimes happens, especially during very warm weather, aggregation may occur in little over 1 hr. In all cases leaves left in water for more than 24 hrs.

Of these leaves, eleven had nearly all or a great number of their tentacles inflected in 1 hr., and the twelfth leaf in 3 hrs.

A comparison of the leaves in the solution, especially of the first five or even six on the list, with those in the water, after 1 hr. or after 4 hrs.

Three leaves were also immersed, each in thirty minims of a solution of one part to 875 of water, though only for 9 hrs.

The leaves were in a narcotised condition, for on bits of meat being placed on two of them, there was no inflection in 3 hrs.