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HIL or hil may refer to:

  • Hil, Azerbaijan, a village
  • HIL bus, a computer bus
  • Hil Hernández (born 1984), Chilean beauty pageant winner
  • Eduard Hil (1934–2012), Russian singer
  • Hardware-in-the-loop simulation
  • Hiligaynon language, spoken in the Philippines
  • Hill International, an American international construction consulting firm
  • Hillside railway station, England; National Rail station code HIL.
  • Hindustan Insecticides, an Indian chemical company
  • Hockey India League
  • Lillehammer University College (Norwegian: )
  • Shilavo Airport, in Ethiopia

Usage examples of "hil".

I began to consider of the intelligible effect of honest loue, and withall of the cleerenes of the skies, the sweete and milde aire, the delightfull site, the pleasant countrie, the green grasse decked with diuersity of flowers, the faire hils adorned with thicke woods, the quiet time, fresh windes, and fruitfull place, beautifully enriched with diffluent streames, sliding downe the moist vallies betwixt the crooked hils in their grauelled channels, and into the next seas with a continued course softly vnlading themselues.

Vpon the hils grew high Firre trees vnarmed, and the weeping Larix, whereon Turpentine is made, and such like.

Then trembling yet through feare, the Squire bespake,That Geauntesse Argante is behight,A daughter of the Titans which did makeWarre against heauen, and heaped hils on hight,To scale the skyes, and put Ioue from his right:Her sire Typhoeus was, who mad through merth,And drunke with bloud of men, slaine by his might,Through incest, her of his owne mother EarthWhilome begot, being but halfe twin of that berth.

Through hils & dales, through bushes & through breresLong thus she fled, till that at last she thoughtHer selfe now past the perill of her feares.

The centremost structure wasstone, an impossibly ancient palace built high up on a hil overlooking the lake.

That Turrets frame most admirable was,Like highest heauen compassed around,And lifted high aboue this earthly masse,Which it suruew'd, as hils doen lower ground.

The most of this country though Desert, yet exceeding fertil, good timber, most hils and in dales, in each valley a cristall spring.