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__NOTOC__ Hal may refer to:

Hal (band)

HAL are a band from Dublin, Ireland composed of brothers Dave Allen ( vocals/ guitar) Paul Allen (vocals/ bass)and Stephen O'Brien ( keyboards, occasional guitars and backing vocals) ( drums), who formed in 2003.

HAL (robot)

The Hybrid Assistive Limb (also known as HAL) is a powered exoskeleton suit developed by Japan's Tsukuba University and the robotics company Cyberdyne. It has been designed to support and expand the physical capabilities of its users, particularly people with physical disabilities. There are two primary versions of the system: HAL 3, which only provides leg function, and HAL 5, which is a full-body exoskeleton for the arms, legs, and torso.

In 2011, Cyberdyne and Tsukuba University jointly announced that hospital trials of the full HAL suit would begin in 2012, with tests to continue until 2014 or 2015. By October 2012, HAL suits were in use by 130 different medical institutions across Japan. In February 2013, the HAL system became the first powered exoskeleton to receive global safety certification. In August 2013, HAL received EC certification for clinical use in Europe as the world's first non-surgical medical treatment robot. In addition to its medical applications, the HAL exoskeleton has been used in construction and disaster response work.

Hal (album)

Hal is the eponymous debut of Irish band Hal, released by Rough Trade Records on May 10, 2005.

Hal (group)

Hal, stylized HΛL (replacing the Latin "A" with the Greek "Λ" or Lambda), is a Japanese pop band formed in 1996. They have worked with several Japanese pop and rock stars and also have won two Japan Record Awards for their musical arrangements for singer Ayumi Hamasaki (with "Free & Easy" in 2002 and "No way to say" in 2003).

HAL (software)

HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer or rather Hardware Annotation Library) is a software subsystem for UNIX-like operating systems providing hardware abstraction.

HAL is now deprecated on most Linux distributions and on FreeBSD. Functionality is being merged into udev on Linux as of 2008–2010 and devd on FreeBSD. Previously, HAL was built on top of udev.

Some other OS-es which don't have an alternative like udev or devd, still use HAL.

The purpose of the hardware abstraction layer was to allow desktop applications to discover and use the hardware of the host system through a simple, portable and abstract API, regardless of the type of the underlying hardware.

HAL for Linux OS was originally envisioned by Havoc Pennington. It became a project, and was a key part of the software stack of the GNOME and KDE desktop environments. It is free software, dual-licensed under both the GNU General Public License and the Academic Free License.

HAL is unrelated to the concept of Windows NT kernel HALs, which handle some platform-specific core functionality within the kernel, such as interrupt routing.

HAL (automobile)

The HAL (or sometimes HAL-Twelve/HAL-12) was a Brass Era car made in Cleveland, Ohio from 1916 to 1918. HAL stands for the initials of the founder—Harry A. Lozier.

Harry Lozier stated in June 1915 that "only an accident... prevented the formation of my company last summer." Harry Lozier was upset that Lozier Motor Company stockholders had taken his decidedly luxury self-named car downmarket. So he did what Ransom E. Olds and Harry C. Stutz did before him—create a new car company using his initials as the name of the car. Thus was the H.A. Lozier Company formed. A prototype using a Weidely V-12 engine was displayed at the New York Automobile Show in January 1916. Production of the $2100 car commenced in Cleveland that summer, though the price would rise as time went on. The former Royal Tourist factory was used, which had been leased from the F.B. Stearns Company. Harry Lozier left the company in September 1916 for health reasons. The company was now renamed the Hal Motor Car Company, with A. Ward Foote of the Foote-Burt Machine Company as president.

Company brochures stated that even though the engines of the HAL-Twelve were rated at 40 hp, they actually developed over 70 at 2000 RPM, and 100 at 3000 RPM. Among the prominent owners of HALs during this period was none other than Warren G. Harding, though he would switch to Locomobiles by the time he became president. The continuing war resulted in materials shortages. There was a rumor in October 1917 that HAL would merge with the Abbott Corporation, recently moved to Cleveland from Detroit. Unfortunately, Abbott declared bankruptcy in January 1918, while the Hal Motor Company was petitioned into involuntary bankruptcy the next month, on creditors' claims of only $1500. The Hal assets were auctioned off in April, thus ending Harry Lozier's 2nd automotive venture named after himself.

Hal (film)

is a 2013 Japanese animated film directed by Ryōtarō Makihara. At the 2013 Anime Expo convention Funimation announced that they had acquired rights for a North American release.

Usage examples of "hal".

When they anchored in the deepest part of the channel, Hal dropped a hand line over the side, the hooks baited with crabs they had taken from their holes on the sandy beach.

Just before sunset Hal called a Halt, and they rowed back towards the anchored galleon.

Hal said, as the shapes of the anchored ships began to merge with the dark mass of the forest behind them.

Hal anchored well clear of these burned and battered hulks, and Fasilides sent one of his servants ashore in the longboat.

They had never before had a chance to look into the armoury, but now at a glance Hal saw that it was all laid out in a neat and orderly fashion.

Hal appeared in the armoury doorway with a sword in one hand and a burning torch that he had seized from its bracket in the other.

The enormous painting had been only recently completed by the young Dutch artist Pieter Codde, a student of Franz Hals who had managed to escape Amsterdam just before the siege closed in.

He laughed gaily and went into the hall with her, and now was it well dight with bankers and dorsars of goodly figured cloth, and on the walls a goodly halling of arras of the Story of Alexander.

Owens, Jon Halper, Jackson Schmidt, Steve Horst, and Chris Doolan all said or did things that got blended in.

Jay Kalam habitually taciturn, Hal Samdu, slow with words, Giles Habibula overly cautious.

The others swiftly followed, Giles Habibula puffing, hauled by John Star from above, pushed by Hal Samdu beneath.

Hal Samdu, cool, composed Jay Kalam, wheezing, groaning Giles Habibula.

Hal Samdu and Giles Habibula were busy over a little fire by the edge of a tiny, flashing stream that crossed the glade.

Hal and poor old Giles got the two of you out of the mortal jungle, after you fell back wrapped in the end of that evil tentacle.

Hal felt the fire ship bows thump heavily into the Gulls stern timbers.