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HFE may refer to:

  • HFE (gene), a gene that encodes the Human hemochromatosis protein
  • H-parameter model (h), of a bipolar junction transistor
  • Health First Europe
  • Hefei Luogang International Airport, in Anhui, China, now defunct
  • Hefei Xinqiao International Airport, in Anhui, China
  • Hello from Earth, an interstellar radio message
  • Herschend Family Entertainment Corporation, an American entertainment company
  • Hertford East railway station, in England
  • Hidden Field Equations, a cryptosystem
  • Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation, in Australia
  • Human factors engineering
  • Hydrofluoroether, a solvent
HFE (gene)

'''Human hemochromatosis protein ''' also known as the HFE protein is a protein which in humans is encoded by the HFE gene. The HFE gene is located on short arm of chromosome 6 at location 6p21.3 Unusually, the official gene symbol (HFE for High Iron Fe) is not an abbreviation of the official name (hemochromatosis).