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Haz or HAZ may refer to:

Usage examples of "haz".

Not even a magically hidden sorcerer was an excuse for their carelessness, or at least not one that Haz would accept.

Sandy caught a dim picture of a dark and hooded figure, and the chill this image caused Haz also sent an icy ripple of fear through his soul.

Sandy could tell that the priestess knew Haz dared not harm her, and that she went out of her way to gall him.

Besides Haz and the sour-faced tribesman keeping them company at breakfast, there appeared to be eleven others.

Then he noticed that the two Naz Mathoni who had been talking to Haz just a while before were now gone.

Sandy could vaguely sense that Haz was waiting for something, something which would nullify any advantage the sorcerer had.

Sandy and his companions drew close to Haz, two of the Naz Mathoni took positions on the ruined wall where they would have a good field of fire for their bows.

The youth nodded, picked up a wash basin of hammered brass, and brought it over to Haz who dipped his hands in the water and then dried them.

After the fury of their initial exchange, Uskban and Haz, both master swordsmen, settled down to a dogged no-quarter duel.

The madman and Haz were resting, catching their breath for another go-round.

With a superhuman effort, Haz ripped the arrow from his gut and tried to stab Uskban with it.

She wondered what Haz was doing now and how he might have aided her quest.

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