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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

an attempt to represent the Scottish pronunciation of have.

Hae (letter)

Hae (asomtavruli , nuskhuri , mkhedruli ჰ) is the 37th letter of the three Georgian scripts.

In the system of Georgian numerals it has a value of 9000.

Hae commonly represents the voiceless glottal fricative , like the pronunciation of in "head".

Usage examples of "hae".

Th’ mad Emp hae stuck his foot in th‘ drakh i’ whae’s goin’t on, young Sten.

Which he should’a kept oop, an’ shoutin‘ aboot how some clottin’ human dinnae hae jurisdiction here i‘ th’ cap’tal ae th‘ Bhor.

It dinnae matter whae reason y’ hae f’r spyin’t, f’r gold, f’r th‘ flag, or f’r y’r own reasons.

Come’t‘ ponder, i’ y‘ hae ducks, an’ swans, an‘ pigs, hae them i’ the house ae well.

M’ wee house hae naught but animals i‘ it, an’ there’s noo room ae all f’r me!

P’raps th‘ fewer who ken we hae a bargain wi’ th‘ king of the smugglers, th’ better it might be.

Thae’s still secure h’nes onto Prime, i’ y‘ hae old friends who retired frae Mantis’t’ a sin’cure wi‘ Imperial Communications, aye?

I’ any-body’d believe this Hotsco, wi‘ her hair hangin’t doon’t’ below her waist an‘ flashin’t eyes, hae an’ int’rest i‘ a tub like m’self, aye?

Ah hae a strong desire’t‘ gie back’t’ th‘ wee game y’ w’re teachin‘ me wi’ a minimum ae time loss.

But noo by th‘ Emp, thoo Ah hae an in’trestin’ run in wi‘ India Sierra as we w’re runnin’t th’ mission.

But Ah hae traces ae whae Ah wen‘ lookin’t for, which Ah’ll noo ’splain till we face-t‘-face.

An‘ dinnae be sayin’t ’we,‘ less y’ think Sten hae a mousie i‘ his pocket.

On command frae me, or frae Sten, or i’ th‘ event com is lost wi’ us, y’re’t‘ take th’ bridge, an‘ read an’ follow th‘ orders Ah’ll hae gie’en y’ afore we depart.

Trustin‘ me thae Ah hae noo but th’ best ae intentions frae Sten, an‘ frae this clottin’ rebellion thae’s likely’t‘ cause th’ death ae us all.

E’en though they’re retired, an‘ on th’ oots wi‘ th’ Emp, thae still hae been’t‘ Arundel a bit.