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HEC or hec may refer to:

Usage examples of "hec".

Jim had put Hec out of his mind once the siege was over, but he was glad to see him again, despite the memories his lined old face evoked.

The computer terminal looked out of place on the desk, and Hec looked out of place sitting behind it.

He heard his name and turned to see Hec Menzies at the door of the newspaper office, his glasses on his head.

As he turned left down Truelove towards the library, he saw that Hec was still standing in the doorway following him with his eyes.

It was clear that Hec was full of news, but he looked at Jim a moment, the way he might look at a blank page before starting to write a story.

He tried to stick to the facts, but whenever he got off track, Hec was quick to steer him back on course, in a manner that embarrassed and somehow reassured Jim at the same time.

When Jim was done, Hec looked at him for a long time, as if the boy were some rare specimen of beetle and Hec was a scientist trying to figure out what genus he belonged to.

Then, as Hec was hanging up, Jim thought of something he wanted to say.

It was hard to imagine her confiding in anyone after what had happened, but just maybe, if Hec told her what he had told Jim, she would open up.

And then, with any luck, Hec would have told Braithewaite and there would be a whole search party already up on the ridge.

Iris had a good mind not to accept it, but Hec was able to convince her that she would be doing them a favour if she could accept the donation.

Adding to his anger and concern was the fact that he was accompanied by two good men-Ozzy Drabble and Hec Magill-whose lives were his reponsibility.

The drawn pallor of his fea tures alarmed hec her brother looked far from well.

If we spoke to him of what we want, perhaps hec ould make his French chief understand more clearly than we can that we truly want him to stay.

When Bannon and the bay horse had the calf separated from the herd, Hec Rawlins and Dusty Travers rode in from the flanks and pushed the animal into the pen with the others destined for market.