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Huy (; ; ) is a municipality of Belgium. It lies in the country's Walloon Region and Province of Liege. Huy lies along the river Meuse, at the mouth of the small river Hoyoux. It is in the sillon industriel, the former industrial backbone of Wallonia, home to about two-thirds of the Walloon population. The Huy municipality includes the sub-municipalities of Ben-Ahin, Neuville-sous-Huy, and Tihange.

Huy (disambiguation)

Huy is a municipality in Belgium.

Huy or HUY may also refer to:

Huy (Viceroy of Kush)

Huy was Viceroy of Kush during the reign of Ramesses II. He may have served either before or after Setau. Huy was also Mayor of Tjarw and a royal messenger to the Hatti.

According to an inscription, he escorted Queen Maathorneferure from Hatti to Egypt.

Huy (High Priest of Ptah)

Huy was a High Priest of Ptah during the reign of Ramesses II. Huy is known from two shabtis (now in the Louvre) dedicated at an Apis burial in the Serapeum. The Apis burials are dated to years 16 and 30. Huy may have served as High priest of Ptah from approximately year 2 to year 20 of the reign of Ramesses II. Huy was succeeded by Pahemnetjer.

Huy (hills)

The Huy (, from the Old High German for Höhe = "heights") or Huywald is a ridge, up to 314 metres high, in western Saxony-Anhalt in Germany. It lies in the northern part of the district of Harz, about 10 kilometres northwest of Halberstadt and a few kilometres west of Schwanebeck. It is chiefly composed of bunter sandstone and muschelkalk and has been designated a protected area. Towards the north and northwest the terrain falls away into the Großes Bruch. Towards the east the Huy transitions to the Magdeburg Börde; to the south and southwest it is adjoined by the Harz Foreland and the Harz Mountains.

The highest hill, the 314 metre high Buchenberg, is located about three kilometres southwest of Dingelstedt am Huy, within the municipality of Huy. The Huy Forest (Huywald) is one of the largest, almost pure beech forests of central Europe.

On the crest of the Huy lies the Benedictine abbey of Huysburg, which is on the Romanesque Road, and Daneil's Cave.

Politically the Huy belongs to the parish of the same name. Its villages lie around the ridge itself.

Usage examples of "huy".

Mursil came up through the entry-port as Lannon and Huy reached the deck, a huge figure, gross and apelike with his big beefy round face ruddy from sun and wine.

Huy marched the Sixth Ben-Amon to the garrison fort on the banks of the great river at Sett, and here he put the legion into camp in a forest of mopane trees which would screen them from observers on the opposite bank.

Huy took up a long pole from the deck and, standing in the stern, he poled them across the lagoon to the beach of dazzling white sand.

As Huy poled the skiff around the point of the island, and they cleared the reed banks, they saw the galley lying at anchor in the bay.

The uncertain light of dusk softened their raddled features and hectic painted cheeks and lips - Huy wondered what solace a man could find with the likes of them.

El rey vencido y el visir y el esclavo huyen por el desierto con un tesoro.

On one of the slave blocks was a light-skinned girl of mixed Yuye blood, and the auctioneer spotted Huy in the crowd and called out to him.

Living plants in pottery jars are sped southwards in the swiftest ships, then carried on the backs of elephants to the mountains of Zeng, and from them come the sweet red wines of Zeng which the poet Huy so loudly and lovingly extols.

Mursil the huntmaster, smelling richly of fruity Zeng wine, the bushman, Huy, the prince and his two arms-bearers.

Huy reached under his tunic and brought out a leather flask of Zeng wine.

Huy invited the reverend priestesses of Astarte, and provided magnificent fare for he had hunted the day before and there was game to add to the beef and chicken and fish seasoned with spices traded from the Drav, while the gardens of Zeng provided the best of their fruits and wines.

He experienced a proud warmth of ownership and when the old slave crone brought him a brimming bowl of good Zeng wine, Huy lifted it in a salute to the sleeping giant.

But the upwards flight of her spirits was short-lived, for the voice of Huy Ben-Amon was uplifted in the offertory of the sacrifice.

Their shields overlapped, their lines formed concentric circles about Huy, ringing him in completely, and the plumes of their head-dresses were the foaming crest of a menacing wave about him.

I did hear them say at the Stadt Huys this morning, and Heer Vanderveer, the schepen, said there, too, that Dominie Curtius was not worth one of the five hundred guilders which he doth receive for our teaching.