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Hoh (disambiguation)

Hoh or HOH commonly refers to:

  • HOH, a variation of the chemical formula for water
  • Hoh, a Native American tribe in the United States

Hoh or HOH may also refer to:

Usage examples of "hoh".

Teeliam Hoh watched the repositioning of the fore portside runner, while the crew leader watched Teeliam.

Teeliam Hoh when she sailed her tiny raft back into the harbor of Moulokin many days after the Great Battle, and none dared ask the source of the terrible content that shone in her face.

By the time Hoh Vitt completed his tale, Deegan had fallen into a stupor.

Sergeant Hoh Vitt had shouted for them to trot double-time up the cliffside road.

He and Hoh Vitt had taken a coracle along the shore, past the lush pundi rice paddies and out into open water, beyond the seaweed colonies.

Friends or family made a game of throwing an idea at Hoh, and he would make up a story using it.

Uncle Hoh looked at them, then down to Elto as his expression hardened into grim determination.

Jongleur, a hilly rural region where Hoh Vitt had grown up, dwelled a special type of storyteller.

At several points in each of those tales, Uncle Hoh would force himself to break away.

He attends to the military arts, and, next to Hoh, he is ruler in every affair of a warlike nature.

But no one attains to the dignity of Hoh except him who knows the histories of the nations, and their customs and sacrifices and laws, and their form of government, whether a republic or a monarchy.

But our Hoh, a man really the most capable to rule, is for all that never cruel nor wicked, nor a tyrant, inasmuch as he possesses so much wisdom.

And when anything of great moment arises he consults Hoh and Wisdom and Love.

And the greatest chief, Hoh, crowns the general with laurel and distributes little gifts and honours to all the valorous soldiers, who are for some days free from public duties.

Then after eight days all the magistrates assemble, to wit, Hoh first, and with him Power, Wisdom and Love.