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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hoy \Hoy\, n. [D. heu, or Flem. hui.] (Naut.) A small coaster vessel, usually sloop-rigged, used in conveying passengers and goods from place to place, or as a tender to larger vessels in port.

The hoy went to London every week.


Hoy \Hoy\, interj. [D. hui. Cf. Ahoy.] Ho! Halloe! Stop!


Etymology 1 n. A small coaster vessel, usually sloop-rigged, used in conveying passengers and goods, or as a tender to larger vessels in port. Etymology 2

interj. ho!, hallo!, stop! Etymology 3

vb. (label en Geordie) to throw


n. a flatbottom boat for carrying heavy loads (especially on canals) [syn: barge, flatboat, lighter]


Hoy (from NorseHáey meaning high island) is an island in Orkney, Scotland. With an area of it is the second largest in the archipelago after the Mainland. It is connected by a causeway called The Ayre to South Walls. Unusually, the two islands are treated as one entity by the UK census.

Hoy (disambiguation)

Hoy is an island in Orkney, Scotland.

Hoy may also refer to:

Hoy (boat)

A hoy was a small sloop-rigged coasting ship or a heavy barge used for freight, usually with a burthen of about 60 tons ( bm). The word derives from the Middle Dutchhoey. In 1495, one of the Paston Letters included the phrase, An hoye of Dorderycht (a hoy of Dordrecht), in such a way as to indicate that such contact was then no more than mildly unusual. The English term was first used on the Dutch Heude-ships that entered service with the British Royal Navy.

Hoy (U.S. newspaper)

Hoy is part of Tronc, Inc., and publishes two of the leading Spanish-language newspapers in Chicago and Los Angeles. Hoy and Hoy Fin de Semana have a combined weekly distribution of nearly 1.8 million copies nationally. Hoy claims to be the largest Spanish-language daily newspaper in Chicago, and the Los Angeles Hoy Fin de Semana product is the largest home-delivered Spanish-language newspaper in the nation.

On February 12, 2007, ImpreMedia announced its purchase of Hoy's New York edition. Hoy's Chicago and Los Angeles publications were not affected by the transaction.

Hoy (Ecuadorian newspaper)

Hoy, was a daily publication in Ecuador, was published from June 07, 1982 until 26-08-2014. Its editorial office is located in Quito, and it is currently published simultaneously in Guayaquil in electronic format. It was created by Jaime Mantilla Anderson. During its life, Hoy earned a reputation for openness to all political views in the Ecuadorian press.

Hoy's group of companies other products include the MetroHOY, distributed, in the public areas of the mass transport systems of Quito; MetroQuil, distributed in Metrovia of Guayaquil; The magazines Hoy Domingo (Sunday Today), Cometa (Comet), La Guía Inmobiliaria (Real Estate Guide) and the printing of Newsweek en Español (Newsweek in Spanish).

Category:Newspapers published in Ecuador Category:Publications established in 1982 Category:Media in Quito Category:1982 establishments in Ecuador

Hoy (Peruvian newspaper)

HOY Regional is a Peruvian newspaper, published in the city of Huánuco. It first appeared in 1986, under the name Via Gerencia. It was founded by a professional journalist and entrepreneur, David Orosco Alania (who died in November 2010 at the age of 57). Since 1996, it has been a daily newspaper, first under the name Diario Regional. Published from Monday to Saturday, it had a Sunday edition with a cultural magazine, but some weeks later the Sunday edition stopped appearing. A daily newspaper was something absolutely new in the city; the first daily newspaper in a city that was founded on 1539. Competing with national newspapers from Lima was hard. Orosco seems to have applied an old Chinese saying: "Be like a rice plant, it bends to strong storms, but turns right after the storm passes."

The name was modified later to "Periódico Regional," and finally to "HOY Regional." The green logo has been a feature for the last 7 years. Editions are made for Pasco and Ucayali neighboring departments. Nevertheless, it is known that it also reaches parts of Ancash and Junin department.

Hoy (TV series)

Hoy (English title: Today) is a Mexican television daily morning program genre varieties produced by the company Televisa SA de CV. Since its first transmission in 1998, the program has several stages, sections and wires, taking as central to entertainment, horoscopes, episode recaps and previews for currently airing telenovelas, beauty, cooking, health/nutrition, and games/sketches, humor and music. The is a show produced by Televisa live and broadcast on El Canal de las Estrellas weekdays at 9am.

From August 29, 2011 to March 23, 2012, Univision started broadcasting Hoy weekday mornings at 10:30am/9:30c. As of September 10, 2012 Univision is broadcasting Hoy weekday afternoons at 12pm/11c. On April 3, 2012, Galavision started airing Hoy weekday mornings at 11am/10c, but on September 10, 2012, Hoy was broadcast at 2pm/1c.

From December 23, 2013 to January 3, 2014, Univision temporarily aired 3 hours of Hoy weekdays at 12pm/11c. As part of Univision's programming changes, the network was broadcasting 2 hours of second reruns of Destilando Amor from March 10 to June 11, 2014 every weekday afternoons at 12pm/11c for 2 hours: Hoy aired at 2pm/1c for one hour, replacing La rosa de Guadalupe. On September 22, 2014, Univision will broadcast Hoy weekday afternoons at 1pm/12c replacing one hour of La Fuerza del Destino.

From the May 27, 2013 to January 31, 2014, Telesudamerica transmits an hour Hoy at 10am-11am. February 3 to February 21, 2014, transmits Telesudamerica 2 hour Hoy at 9am-11am, replacing Libre para Amarte. From February 23, 2013 Telesudamerica transmits 3 hours Hoy at 8am-11am, replacing Mentir para Vivir.

Hoy (surname)

Hoy (Irish: Ó hEochaidh) is an Irish surname. Other surnames developed from "Ó hEochaidh" include: McKeogh, Kehoe, Hoey, Haughey, Haugh and Hough. Hoy is sometimes considered to be a variant of Haughey, and it is very common in Ulster. The first recording of the surname in Ireland is of one Elizabeth, daughter of Leuise and Martha Hoy, on February 8, 1646 at Holy Trinity (Christchurch), Cork.

People named Hoy include:

  • Agnete Hoy (1914–2000), English potter
  • Aine Hoy (born 1987), British water polo player
  • Alexandra Hoy, Canadian jurist
  • Andrew Hoy (born 1959), Australian equestrian
  • Bettina Hoy (born 1962), German equestrian
  • Bobby Hoy (born 1950), English former footballer
  • Campbell Hoy (1893–1985), British flying ace
  • Chris Hoy (born 1976), Scottish track cyclist
  • Col Hoy, Australian cricket umpire
  • Cyrus Hoy (1926–2010), American English scholar
  • Dummy Hoy (1862–1961), American Major League Baseball player
  • Elizabeth Hoy, Irish author
  • Ernest Charles Hoy (1895-1982), Canadian First World War flying ace and aviation pioneer
  • Frank Hoy (1934–2005), Irish-born Scottish professional wrestler
  • James Barlow Hoy (1794-1843), Irish-born politician
  • James Hoy, Baron Hoy (1909-1976), Scottish politician
  • Jen Hoy (born 1991), American soccer player
  • Garry Hoy, Canadian lawyer
  • Henry Hoy (1855–1910) British locomotive engineer
  • Linda Hoy, British children's author
  • Marie Hoy, Australian musician
  • Marjorie Hoy (born 1941), American entomologist and geneticist
  • Mick Hoy (musician), Irish musician
  • Mick Hoy (footballer), Irish footballer
  • Pat Hoy (born 1950), Canadian politician
  • Peter Hoy (born 1966), Canadian baseball player
  • Phil Hoy (politician) (born 1937), American politician
  • Phil Hoy (rugby union) (born 1987), English rugby union player
  • Roger Hoy (born 1946), English footballer
  • Robert Hoy (1927–2010), American actor
  • Ron Hoy (born 1932), Australian rules footballer
  • Sean Hoy (born 1964), Irish diplomat
  • Shirley Hoy, Canadian bureaucrat
  • Thomas Hoy (poet) (1659-1718), English poet and physician
  • Thomas Hoy (botanist) (c. 1750-1822)
  • Will Hoy (1952-2002), British racing driver
  • William Hoy (born 1955), American film editor

Usage examples of "hoy".

And so six times a day all traffic on the carriageway was forced to halt for twenty minutes while that beneath floated through on the tide: hoys and shallops headed upstream with loads of malt and dried haddock, bumboats and pinnaces going downstream with hogsheads of ale and sugar for the merchantmen at Tower Dock, sometimes even the yacht of the King himself on its way to the races at Greenwich, masts swaying and sails crackling.

Amyas Preston, the future hero of La Guayra, is pounding her into submission, while a fleet of hoys and drumblers look on and help, as jackals might the lion.

The President and Congress, however, were rapidly preparing for sea, and he watched every move: he saw their rigging new set-up, noted the seamanlike way in which the President re-rove her bowsprit gammoning in a single afternoon, saw their stores come aboard, hundreds and hundreds of casks, saw them complete their water, exercise their hands aloft, take in their powder from the hoy.

Iris went dancing, with Lyle Johnson or Jeff Hoy or Douglas Fry, while Bethel solemnly sat at a table way back, with Doc Keezer and Tertius Tully, and ate hash while they went pretty thoroughly into the topic of comparative box-office receipts during the past sixteen years.

Lemuel Gulliver, mis cuentos son realistas, para usar la nomenclatura hoy en boga.

Far other craft our prouder river shows, Hoys, pinks, and sloops: brigs, brigantines, and snows: Nor angler we on our wide stream descry, But one poor dredger where his oysters lie: He, cold and wet, and driving with the tide, Beats his weak arms against his tarry side, Then drains the remnant of diluted gin, To aid the warmth that languishes within.

Al tigre de los símbolos he opuesto el verdadero, el de caliente sangre, el que diezma la tribu de los búfalos y hoy, 3 de agosto del 59, alarga en la pradera una pausada sombra, pero ya el hecho de nombrarlo y de conjeturar su circunstancia lo hace ficción del arte y no criatura viviente de las que andan por la tierra.

La secta de pintores, hoy tan injustamente olvidada, que se llamó concreta o abstracta, como para indicar su desdén de la lógica y del lenguaje, es uno de tantos ejemplos.

Esa conjetura es errónea, pero hubiera debido sugerirme la verdadera (la que hoy creo la verdadera), que a la vez es más simple y más inaudita.

En las alturas en que se colocaba Sur, don Isidro Parodi nunca podría entrar, pero lo cierto es que Bustos Domecq dejó cumplida venganza proponiendo seis acertijos que, se sepa todavía hoy, no consiguieron resolver ni Borges ni Bioy.

Hoy: an untranslated exclamation, common to all tongues of the Free Folk, used to express surprise or to call attention.

L 'Unita and Hoy published identical doctrinaire denunciations of Short's elevation, L 'Osservatore Romano and the Christian Science Monitor ignored it, Times of India snickered at it editorially, and the Manchester Guardian reported it without comment-the Fbsterite congregation in England was small but extremely militant.

Careful not to touch them himself, he gave one to each of I ho hoys and put the third away.

Just when I sit down to do a littlq work, either the door-bell rings or you hoys come in asking questions.

With the lugsails trimmed flat and sharp the little hoy laid herself close to the wind and foamed forward towards France.