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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Hyp \Hyp\, n. An abbreviation of hypochonaria; -- usually in plural.

Heaven send thou hast not got the hyps.


Hyp \Hyp\, v. t. To make melancholy. [Colloq.]
--W. Irving.


alt. (context colloquial dated English) To make melancholy. n. 1 (context entertainment English) hypnotism; hypnotist 2 (context mathematics English) hypotenuse 3 hypochondria vb. (context colloquial dated English) To make melancholy.


Hyp or HYP may refer to:

  • Big Three (colleges), collectively Harvard University, Yale University, and Princeton University
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika, a classic Sanskrit yoga manual
  • Hey You, Pikachu!, a video game
  • Hungry Young Poets, a Philippine rock band
  • Hydroxyproline, an amino acid
  • Hypnosis
  • Hypothetical mood, a grammatical mood
  • Hypophosphatemia, an electrolyte disturbance
  • HypoVereinsbank, a German bank
  • People's Ascent Party (Turkish: ), a political party in Turkey
  • Hyp, a character in The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

Usage examples of "hyp".

The visor screens blurred and shimmered with crawling colors, flicking back and forth, on and off, as La Cuearacha fought the seesaw between hyper and normal space.

On different dimensional levels of hyper, the flow ran in various directions.

La Cucaracha fled on through the white hyper flow, riding as smoothly as the day she had been launched.

La Cucaracha had come out of hyper with a jolt that strained her fat old carcass to the limit, and the atmosphere and gravity of Fria was the penultimate straw.

Hilton, trying to find the right hyper space level that would take them back to Earth after they had loaded the paraine cargo, misplaced a decimal point and began to curse in a low, furious undertone.

There was nothing to keep him with the hyper ships, after this voyage, if he survived.

The see-saw bridged the gap between two types of space, and La Cucaracha yawed wildly down it, an indignity for an old lady who, at her age, should ride sedately through free void-but she was a hyper ship first and a lady second.

A crater has been roofed with a transparent dome, and under it the hyper ships rest in their cradles.

CLACs and their escorting battlecruisers crossed the Alpha wall into normal-space just outside the hyper limit.

Zanzibar was a G4, with a hyper limit of just over twenty light-minutes.

If you activate Hildebrandt and move away from the planet, they could send a messenger into hyper to bring those reinforcements in at any point around the hyper-limit sphere of their choice.

If he could pick off the CLACs, or even just hammer them badly enough to force them to withdraw into hyper, all the LACs the Peeps had committed to their probe would be doomed, whatever else happened.

The twin, rapidly strobing blood-red icons of unknown hyper translations glared in the depths of the master plot, and the chief of the watch was leaning forward over the shoulder of one of the other sensor techs, watching her display as she worked to refine the data.

Fordyce System, indicating a small cluster of red dots accelerating rapidly towards the hyper limit.

Arakel Hovanian, acting commodore of the 93rd Destroyer Squadron, Republican Navy, glared at the master plot showing the icons of four CLACs, four battlecruisers, and seven destroyers and light cruisers sweeping inward from the hyper limit of the Des Moines System.